Sendle and Poshmark

Sendle for Poshmark shipping

You can now print your Sendle label directly from your Poshmark account.

About Sendle

Sendle is one of Australia’s highest-rated couriers*, delivering parcels nationwide.


Free tracking

Tracking is always included on every Sendle parcel, for both seller and buyer’s peace of mind.


Free pickup and dropoff

Have your parcel picked up from your door, or simply drop it off.


Free redelivery

Or have your parcel left at the nearest collection point.


100% carbon neutral shipping

Always included for free on every parcel you ship with Sendle.


Parcel sizes

The basic label is for parcels up to 2.5kg but you can opt to upgrade the size upon booking.

How Sendle works


Your item sold on Poshmark! Congrats!


Select ship method, either pick-up or drop-off, and a label will be sent to you.


Print and attach the label to your securely packaged parcel and have it ready for pick up, or drop off.

Free Sendle Pickup

Simply select the pickup option when creating your label. Then all you need to do is:

  • Package your parcel sufficiently
  • Print the label in its original form and stick it on the parcel
  • Have the parcel ready for pickup on the selected pickup date
  • Pickup takes place on business days, anytime between 8 AM to 6 PM

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Free Sendle Drop Off

Sendle offers both free pickup and dropoff included in the shipping price. Drop off is powered by HUBBED.

You can drop off your parcels anywhere in our national dropoff network here. Locations such as BP petrol stations, newsagencies and pharmacies, where many are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

Sendle is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service.

Every time you send a parcel, we offset the carbon emissions and invest in positive environmental causes.

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Sendle Customer Stories

  • sendle_interview
    Extremely grateful.

    "We have been extremely grateful for the service we have received and for being able to impact our world, locally and universally, through our partnership with Sendle."

  • sendle_interview
    An easy choice.

    "Knowing I could have packages picked up from my front door made Sendle an easy choice.

  • sendle_interview
    Customers love.

    "We love Sendle! It’s fast, easy, and convenient! Our customers love how quickly their orders get delivered!"

  • sendle_interview
    I’ve been really impressed.

    "Through a friend who runs her own incredible small business and uses Sendle. She recommended it to me, and I’ve been really impressed."

  • sendle_interview
    Leaves the earth a better place.

    "Thankfully, I’m able to send more than half my products out in a way that leaves the earth a better place since finding you guys!"

  • sendle_interview
    I’ve saved so much time.

    "It’s been working out so well for me and I’ve saved so much time. If there is ever an issue with a package (things happen!), it is always resolved and I appreciate that so much."

  • sendle_interview
    My go-to partner.

    "Sendle is my go-to partner when I need to ship my samples to my clients."

  • sendle_interview
    Customer support is amazing.

    "Great! It’s so simple, the prices are very fair, and the customer support is amazing."

  • sendle_interview
    Carbon neutral.

    "Perfect, we love you guys! The most important thing for us is that you are carbon neutral, and for us, it is a big deal!"

  • sendle_interview
    You guys rock.

    "It is easy, affordable, and smart. It is why I sleep peacefully at night, knowing all my jewelry is arriving safely to new homes without a damaging footprint on Mother Earth. You guys rock."

  • sendle_interview
    We can compete.

    "Sendle's prices mean we can compete with some of the largest retailers, and turn a profit for our efforts."

  • green
    Makes me really happy.

    "Did you know we aim to ship as many parcels as possible using Sendle who are a carbon neutral courier? I did the maths today and can confirm we have sent 79.5% of our parcels 100% carbon neutral 🙌 This makes me really happy."

  • green
    Natural partnership.

    "Sendle was a natural partnership for us. Their 100% carbon neutral delivery means we can deliver orders without costing the environment, which was the most important thing for us when choosing a logistics provider."

  • green
    Eco-conscious customers.

    "It makes perfect sense for us to use Sendle as our delivery partner, their 100% carbon neutral shipping gives peace of mind to our eco-conscious customers who are doing their best to minimise their impact on the world."

  • green
    Doesn't cost the earth.

    "We care about getting your toxin-free, low waste Australian products to you as fast as possible, in a way that doesn't cost the earth. That's why we work together with Sendle."

  • green
    Beautiful planet.

    "We also use @sendle's 100% carbon neutral shipping service as our first choice. It's really the least we can do to not carelessly use single-use plastics that take a heavy toll on our beautiful planet."

  • green

    "We love Sendle - both its service, pricing and everything that it stands for environmentally."

  • green
    A great selling point.

    "The carbon neutral delivery service that you offer is a great selling point for us as our customers (and us) care deeply for the environment."

  • green
    I loooooove Sendle!

    "First of all may I just say, I loooooove Sendle! I love that it is carbon neutral, that it is so easy, saving me racing down to the post office nearly every day and all this at a greater price than Australia Post. Amazing!"

  • sendle_interview
    Prices were unbeatable.

    "We started using Sendle because we wanted to send our 'artificial' flowers Australia-wide, and the prices were unbeatable."

  • sendle_interview
    Very noticeable growth.

    "We've managed to bring our shipping costs down. In turn have seen an increase in conversions on the site. This has caused very noticeable growth since we've started using the Sendle service."

  • sendle_interview

    "Having a 100% carbon-neutral courier for our city and interstate logistics - cherry on top. Sendle for us was a no-brainer."

  • sendle_interview
    Anywhere in the world.

    "Sendle has helped my business grow to the point where I am gaining international customers - just as Sendle can now help with the same affordable, door-to-door delivery service to anywhere in the world."

  • sendle_interview
    Low cost of shipping.

    "The low cost of shipping also empowers me to direct money and time I would have otherwise spent on other pricey delivery services, to other parts of my business."

  • sendle_interview
    Focus on growing our business.

    "Shipping is everything in eCommerce, so having Sendle really automate getting our packages out there means we can focus on growing our business."

  • sendle_interview
    We’ve never looked back.

    "Both Sendle and Life Cykel were founded around the same time and it’s kind of been like growing up with a childhood friend. We’ve never looked back and wouldn’t choose anyone else to help grow our business."

  • sendle_interview
    Booking is simple.

    "Sendle is so convenient - booking is simple, the pricing is reasonable and not having to muck around at the post office means we’ve got extra time to wow our customers."

  • sendle_interview
    Takes seconds.

    "Sendle saves me so much time. Booking deliveries takes seconds and because they come and collect from my doorstep, I don’t need to step outside to delight my customers."

  • sendle_interview
    I saved over $1000.

    "Sendle streamlines the whole delivery experience. The dashboard makes tracking my deliveries easy, and in the first few months I saved over $1000. It has been so good for our business!"

  • sendle_interview
    Optimisation is key.

    "Sendle’s shipping rates are really competitive, sending out the huge volumes we do and it saves us about one minute per order, which is huge!"

  • sendle_interview
    Simple, integrated & digital.

    "What works for us is that it's simple, it's integrated into our systems and it's digital, it's reliable and the value proposition stacks up."

  • nps
    Sendle is great.

    "Sendle is great. It's the best interface with WooCommerce we have come across."

  • product_review
    Sendle is the answer to my shipping needs.

    "Good prices, very easy process and parcels collected from my door. Tracking made following the parcels progress easy. The admin and customer service for Sendle is friendly, responsive and exceptionally helpful."

  • product_review
    Convenience for business

    "I love the convenience of Sendle for our online business for Live Whole Yoga. It also means that when it comes to shipping we can afford to charge less for our over all business."

  • product_review
    Send good, feel good

    "I work for a small business and we use Sendle for all our packages that we need to send or receive. Super satisfied. Great interface, tracking, and they are carbon neutral!"

  • nps
    It's super convenient

    "It's super convenient, super easy and cheap. Not having to make time to go to a post office is the best."

  • twitter

    "Small business peeps! Cannot recommend @sendle highly enough. Website super-easy to use, friendly customer service, no minimum orders. #love"

  • nps
    International is amazing

    "Sendle’s low international rates, efficient dispatch processes and integration with our cart means less time and money spent on managing our international deliveries."

  • product_review
    Seamless integration!

    "Great price, easy to use, seamless integration and my customers have been impressed with the notifications and updates from door-to-door. These guys are cheaper and far more convenient for parcels."

  • nps
    I love that tracking is simple

    "I love that tracking is simple, and that pickup is simple. It just feels very professional, and the experience is brilliant for both sender and recipient."

  • product_review
    Awesome service!

    "We've been using Sendle for our subscription business since we launched. It saves us time and money each month and we would struggle to be competitive without it. We are always recommending Sendle to other business we come across."

  • product_review
    Cheap, reliable and fast!

    "Sendle is easy to use. My customers get full tracking details and I get to look great by having the package turn up on time!"

  • twitter

    "Massive props from our office for @sendle and their deliveries this Christmas! Very popular with our staff. #startupswinning"


Using Sendle on Poshmark
Do I need a Sendle account for labels booked via Poshmark?

No Sendle account needed! Simply print and track your Sendle labels from your Poshmark account.

Can I drop off a parcel booked with a pickup label?

No, you need to cancel and rebook. Please contact Poshmark at least one business day prior to scheduled pickup to request this.

How do I book a pickup?

When you create the label, you will have the option to request a pickup up to three days in the future.

How do I reschedule a pickup?

Simply click the parcel in your Poshmark account, and use the tool on the Sendle tracking page to reschedule pickup.

When will my parcel get picked up?

The pickup date will be stated on the label. A pickup can take place anytime between 8 AM and 6 PM on business days. You can read more here.

Can the pickup driver call in advance?

This is not possible. Please have the parcel available or left in an easily accessible location for the driver to pick up.

How do I print my label?

The label must be printed in its original form. You can simply use a normal printer and sticky tape. Please note that handwritten labels will not be accepted and you cannot print the label at drop-off locations.

How do I cancel a label that hasn’t been picked up or dropped off yet?

Please contact Poshmark support directly for help with this.

*Australia’s Top-Rated Courier in 2017, on Product Review