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Meet Jenn

Your Webinar Host.

Jenn is the Community Manager at Sendle. In her previous work lives, she could be found at Cheerily, Relay Restaurant Group, Hot Cakes, and the University of Washington. She is passionate about supporting small, women of color owned businesses. Also, dumplings, celebrity gossip, and a good book. She lives in West Seattle with her family. Some of her favorite small businesses are: Velouria, YEVU, Two Roots Shop and Nguyen Coffee Supply.


Hey Sendler Season 1

Watch recordings from Season 1 Episodes.

Episode 1: Developing Relationships with Paying Customers

Speaker: Chris Guillot | Owner & Consultant, Merchant Method

In this webinar, Chris delved into all the ways small businesses can develop great relationships with their paying customers. By meeting customers where they are and engaging with them in a genuine way, the interaction becomes about more than just selling a product. 

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Episode 2: Getting the sauce on Boon

Speakers: Max & Wendi Boonthanakit | Chef, Boon Sauce

Max and Wendi talked about how Boon Sauce got started. From a love for traditional Chinese chili crisp sauce and an eventual disappointment with the existing supermarket selection to a spice-obsessed hobby turned small-batch sauce business, Boon Sauce started like many other small businesses—identifying what people want and giving it to them.

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Episode 4: Self-care for the small business owner

Speaker: Moji Igun | Founder, Blue Daisi Consulting

This time we talked to Moji Igun about taking care of yourself and your business during COVID. While saying yes to every opportunity seems smart, sometimes saying no is the best decision you can make.

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Episode 3: Making products pop with great photography

Speaker: Shidume Lozada | Photographer, Shidume Lozada

We had Shidume dispensed visual wisdom on how to make your product photos go from bleh to wow. She gave us tips and tricks for taking your own expert product photos and talked about the newest trends in photography.

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Episode 5: Three dads and a sustainable side hustle

Speakers: Thaison Ta, Geoff Doody & Todd Kominiak | Founders, Jill & Joey

We talked with Thaison, Geoff, and Todd about how they got Jill & Joey off the ground and how they plan to grow this side hustle they are so passionate about. We'd also got into how they source their sustainable materials and the effect of COVID on growth.

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Episode 6: Harnessing social change through small business

Speaker: Jennifer Moon | Founder, No Rival Industries

In this episode, Jenn talked to Jenni Moon about why she started her side project, No Rival Industries, and how they choose what issues to tackle with their impact projects. The first project was in support of frontline workers needing masks and the current project (Volume 2) will be focused on securing IDs to help get out the vote this year. Their mission is 'Impact Over Apathy' and it shows.

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Episode 7: The Finders Keepers 2020 and beyond

Speaker: Sarah Thornton | Managing Director, The Finders Keepers

In this Hey Sendler, Jenn chatted with Finders Keepers’ Managing Director, Sarah Thorton, talked about what inspired her to start the marketplace and how COVID has affected them. Small sellers have had it hard this year. But, they’ve pivoted and gone online and their resiliency will bring them through this stronger than ever. 

Live via Instagram @sendle and @finders_keepers

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Episode 8: Spinning sustainable yarns with knitwear brand SSKEIN

Speaker: Elisa Yip | Founder & Creative Director, SSKEIN

In this last episode of 2020, Jenn will be chatting with Elisa Yip about the launch her sustainable knitwear brand, SSKEIN. With a massive amount of experience in the fashion industry, she'll talk about her focus on sustainability with SSKEIN and her pre-sale approach to launching the brand in the middle of such a wild year.

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