How Sendle works

Shipping can be expensive, time-consuming, and tricky. Not a great combo when you’re a busy business owner just trying to ship packages to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Good news! You can save your hard-earned money with Sendle’s competitive business rates, and save time by printing labels at home. It’s all done straight through our easy-to-use dashboard, designed to make shipping a breeze (yes, even bulk orders).

Then pat yourself on the back knowing you’re shipping everything completely carbon neutral – woo hoo!

We make shipping simple, reliable, and affordable

Keep more of your money and sell more of your stuff.

Book online

Print label

Free Pick up or Drop off

Save time, dollars, and your sanity

  How does Sendle work?

We tap into big business delivery networks and make them available to everyone. It's convenient, affordable, and 100% carbon neutral. Just book your package for delivery and we’ll take care of the rest.


  Book online

Everything from placing an order through to tracking and managing your parcel is done through the Sendle dashboard. Simply book your package for delivery, use your own packaging (or ours – check out our compostable mailers), print and attach the label, and drop it off at your nearest post office or collection box.

  Packaging guidelines

With Sendle, you choose your own packaging. While we have some guidelines around this (like making sure it’s sturdy, not branded with other shipping providers’ logos, and non-transparent), the freedom is yours. Just follow the motto: ‘well packed, arrive intact’!

  Drop-off and pickup

The choice is yours: request a pickup, drop off your packages at the post office or blue collection boxes, or simply leave the package with your regular mail carrier. We’ll get it where it needs to go.


Tracking and managing your packages is super easy in the Sendle dashboard. All package communication is kept in one place, and we let you know whenever there’s delivery updates – making it perfect to share with your customers! More info on tracking.

  100% carbon neutral

For every package you send with us, we’ll counterbalance the carbon emissions caused by package delivery and invest in positive environmental initiatives.


  Accounts & plans

Your Sendle account type is based on how many packages you consistently send each month (don’t worry, this isn’t a membership). We have Standard, Premium, and Pro rates, which will depend on how many packages you’re sending each month. Here's all the info.

  Where we ship

We ship coast-to-coast throughout the United States, including: Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. We can also ship to US P.O. Boxes and domestic military bases (unfortunately we can’t send internationally from the States just yet)!


We do low, flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees or nasty surprises – you only ever pay for what you send. Pricing is based on package size and weight, as well as where you’re sending to (Local or National). So once you know the perfect size for your shipments, there’ll be no need to weigh and measure each time.


  Sendle Cover

Sendle includes free cover for loss on all eligible parcels – and it doesn’t cost you anything! We’ll cover the sales price of replacing lost goods up to the policy limit of USD $150 (this doesn’t include Sales Tax). More info about Sendle Cover.


We charge your nominated credit card for all Sendle payments (you’ll enter this card during account set-up). This definitely isn’t a membership or subscription, you'll only be charged for orders you have already booked. Here's how our billing works.

  Platform integrations

In our commitment to making shipping lots of packages as easy as possible for your business, we integrate seamlessly with leaders in ecommerce, like eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, ShipStation and more.