Sendle package size guide

A delightful breakdown of our seven package sizes and how to ship better.


Knowing the right package size for every product will help you save on time and money. Take the guesswork out of small business shipping!

When it comes to packaging, it’s not all about size.  Package delivery is also bound both by volume and weight. However, volume can be quite difficult to visualize. That’s why we created this guide, as well as the helpful package size calculator in your dashboard.


The Sendle Dashboard is your quick and easy tool to find out which package size suits your item best!

Package sizes

You can ship anything, big or small, as long as it falls within the weight breaks and total package dimension limits. Just make sure that they’re packaged well!

We can’t transport deliveries which are only packaged in the following:

  • Plastic bags
  • Bubblewrap
  • Anything else transparent!
  • Fragile stickers instead of actual packaging materials

So, without further ado, here are our fabulous packages.

1. Keychain 4oz

As the smallest – and newest – package size we have on offer, the quarter-pounder is perfect when you’re sending something reeeeally light.

While we don’t encourage you to stuff a burger into a package and send it on its way, we do encourage you to send other things that weigh a quarter of a pound (or 4oz)…

Things to ship in the 4oz Keychain size:

  • A roll of toilet paper holiday greeting card
  • Handwritten letters to your nearest and dearest
  • A plush character headband (with ears!) you picked up from a theme park
  • A gimmicky souvenir keyring
  • Stick-on Press-on nails

2. T-shirt 8oz

At a dainty limit of half a pound, this package can look like many things.

It can be a very light box, probably full of loose feathers. Or a pouch packed with a pair of mittens.

Go wild with it. Just don’t go over half a pound.

Things to ship in the 8oz T-shirt size:

  • One cotton t-shirt
  • Costume jewelry
  • Foam sandals
  • Band posters
  • Multivitamins and supplements

3. Magazine 12oz

A nifty little in-betweener, this parcel size is the perfect size to send a single copy of your favourite paperback or glossy mag.

You could even ship the perfect vintage accessory to finish off your 90s look (we hear it’s in fashion).

Things to ship in the 12oz Magazine size:

  • A pair of bermuda shorts
  • A vintage 80s chunky plastic bracelet
  • A velcro wallet A checkbook
  • A couple of matching embroidered face towels
  • A tube of hand cream

4. Coffee Mug 1lb

When you’ve gone too wild with the 0.5lb Parcel and crested its limits, you’ve moved into the 1lb territory.

Topping out at one pound, this package isn’t one shape or size. Once again, it’s anything you want to send that is less than a pound.

Things to ship in the 1lb Coffee Mug size:

  • One pair of trousers
  • Some strappy high heels
  • A hardcover book or two
  • A knit sweater
  • A football

Bigger package sizes with volume limits

For all shipments over one pound, you want to make sure you are getting the biggest bang out of each volume break.

Volume is calculated as a cube (like a box). We represent this volume in cubic inches, so it's super easy to figure out. Find your volume in cubic inches by just multiplying your shipping box length by width by height in inches. Voila! Volume!

5. Belt Bag 5lb & 172in³

Perched proudly just below the belly and packed full with all the required essentials of a day out (chapstick, phone, keys, wallet, 64 cents, some lint), the Belt Bag is an ideal form factor for the small things in life.

And, what better name for our smallest package size. This modestly dimensioned package comes in a variety of shapes.

With a maximum volume of 172 cubic inches, one must choose their box carefully in order to properly fill out the allowable space.

Things to ship in the Belt Bag size:

  • Rubik’s Cube
  • A couple of well-packed mugs
  • A 35 ounce water bottle
  • A pack of dog treats

6. Handbag 8lb & 354in³

A handbag is the perfect size to send your bro-in-law a 7lb cordless drill, and a couple of noise-cancelling headphones for his family (see: drill). This size is perfect for just that.

Yes a handbag can fit many things, and at Sendle, this size can fit small fake indoor plants to a box of toy blocks (just keep it under 8lbs).

Heck, you could even send wooden toilet seats. The choice is yours! . But just keep in mind there are some things you shouldn’t Sendle.

This package size tops out at 354 cubic inches.

Things to ship in the Handbag size

  • A lightweight rice cooker
  • A steam iron
  • A couple of plastic, reusable coffee cups
  • A couple of pots and pans
  • A large scented candle

7. Shoebox 10lb & 518in³

Whether it’s holding Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahniks or your crusty 15 year old Vans, the shoebox is an iconic size to ship a whole bunch of things.

It’s also the same package size as a lunchbox. We don’t recommend Sendling your lunch though. Here’s a list of other things you shouldn’t Sendle.

This package size tops out at 518 cubic inches.

Things to ship in the Shoebox size:

  • Two hardbound books
  • A Polaroid camera
  • A few natural loofah sponges
  • Surround sound speakers
  • A hair dryer

8. Briefcase 15lb & 691in³

Synergy, return on investment, visibility, circle-back… don’t worry, you won’t start spurting corporate jargon when you send packages in our briefcase size. It’s business casual, baby!

You know what will happen though? You’ll start sending a ton of things in this large, handy box size.

With a maximum volume of 691 cubic inches, the briefcase package size encompasses so many different box dimensions.

Things to ship in the Briefcase size:

  • A chess set
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A small (rolled up) rug
  • Some hand weights
  • A child’s picnic chair

With a maximum volume of 691 cubic inches, the briefcase package size encompasses so many different box dimensions. Again, to get as close to the max as possible, you’ll want to look at the blue highlighted shipping boxes below.


9. Backpack 20lb & 864in³

A veritable black hole of miscellany and weather-appropriate clothing, a hiker’s backpack seems to hold not only an endless supply of wet wipes, dirty socks, and random protein snacks, but also the mysteries of the universe.

How good is nature?

We don’t quite know what’s in there, but it’s a lot. What an apt analogue for our largest package size!

With a maximum volume of 864 cubic inches, the large package size encompasses so many different box dimensions.

Things to ship under Backpack size:

  • A set of fluffy towels
  • A soccer ball
  • Six one-pound bags of coffee beans
  • Two kettlebells
  • Handheld power tools

Make shipping even faster with Sendle Saved Sizes

Getting lots of orders in your eCommerce store? That’s awesome. You know what isn’t? Entering the same information again and again. That’s why you should ship with Sendle! To make shipping less repetitive and more accurate, we added the option to save the package sizes you use most often with Saved Sizes on the Sendle Dashboard. Check it out!

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