Track my package

You’ll need your Sendle tracking number (it’s 6-8 characters long, made up of numbers and letters, and always starts with an ‘S’). Enter your tracking number below to get a quick shipment tracking snapshot.

Where do I find my Sendle tracking number?

Your package tracking number can be found in confirmation or notification emails you’ve received. The package tracking number is also shared with your Sendler  so they can keep track of the shipment progress via the Sendle tracking tool. Likewise, you’ll both be notified when the package completes its journey.  Need more help with package tracking? Check our support article to learn more.

Tip: You can find your package tracking reference in the email subject line for easy access!


Trouble finding your Sendle package?

All shipments are monitored by Sendle’s package tracking tool. In the rare case the package tracker marks your shipment ‘delivered’, but you can’t seem to find it, here are the following possible scenarios:

My package is marked ‘delivered’ with a signature.

  • It was signed for by a colleague, family member, friend, or neighbor (the receiver may need to ask around).
  • It has been transferred to a third-party agent to complete delivery and it is still in transit. This is typical for more rural deliveries and is nothing to worry about—it’ll arrive soon!
  • Accidentally scanned as delivered when it was being scanned as in transit. We recommend waiting a day to see if it receives an additional tracking scan.

My package is marked ‘delivered’ without a signature.

  • Since all packages with Sendle have 'Authority To Leave', the driver can leave the packages in a safe place on the property.
  • It was accidentally scanned as delivered when it was meant to be scanned as in-transit. We recommend waiting a day to see if it receives an additional tracking scan.

If you’ve checked all the possible scenarios above and are still having issues finding your package, the sender can launch an investigation with our team via the Sendle Toolbox (which senders can find in their Sendle dashboard). Rest assured we’ll get back to you as soon as possible–and so will your package!

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I received my package! How does Sendle work?

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