Sendle Cover & Extra Cover

Loss and damage cover for no-stress sending.

We’ve got you covered!

Sendle includes cover for lost or damaged parcels up to $100 for Standard and Premium accounts and up to $300 for Pro accounts (including GST), as well as the cost of delivery. This cover is automatically included in every Sendle order and it’s completely free!*

But what about Senders who send bigger-ticket items? We get asked that a lot. So we did some digging and quite frankly, we were tired of telling our customers to go somewhere else for additional insurance.

Introducing Sendle Extra Cover.

If you’re sending something of a higher value (oh you’re fancy!), you can now purchase Extra Cover for parcels valued up to $1,500.* 

And the best bit? You can do it all from your Sendle dashboard.


Sendle Cover

Sendle Pro

Free up to $300

  • includes the cost of the parcel contents, as well as the cost of delivery.
  • includes GST
Sendle Standard and Premium Free up to $100
  • includes the cost of the parcel contents, as well as the cost of delivery.
  • includes GST

Sendle Extra Cover New

for each additional
$100 of cover
  • Up to a maximum value of $1,500.
  • The total price for the Extra Cover amount you choose will automatically calculate when you create your Sendle order.

How to add Extra Cover

It's super easy to purchase Extra Cover: it's just one additional step in the order process when you book a parcel for delivery from your Sendle dashboard.

  • Fill in your order details
  • Add the Extra Cover value for your parcel
  • The order total will be shown on the side bar
Sendle your packages - Black Friday

What’s covered?

Parcel items covered

Sendle Cover and Extra Cover only covers the value of the parcel lost or damaged. It does not cover any consequential loss. Sendle Cover and Extra Cover does not detract or limit any implied statutory rights you may have.

Sendle will cover you for lost or damaged parcels (valued up to the applicable amount for your account or Extra Cover purchased), sent with Signature on Delivery, as long as they don’t contain any dangerous or prohibited goods or fall under ‘owner’s risk’.

Which basically means we can’t cover you if you decide to send:

A hand-stitched embroidered patch with Nic Cage’s face? No problem. But a case full of live snakes? Mmm… not so much.

We can cover you for sending alcohol, though. Cheers! 🥂

How do I make a claim?

  • If your parcel is damaged you can start a claim right away by clicking ‘Damaged parcel claim’. For an eligible parcel that’s been declared lost by the Sendle team, you can start a claim from the parcel’s tracking page. No need to waste time on messy paperwork, phone calls or emails, yippee!
  • Fill out the quick claim form – all you’ll need is proof of the parcel’s value and your bank details.
  • Make sure the claim is made within the time frame (either 10 days from the time the delivery is deemed lost or 10 days from delivery for damaged parcels) and that you’ve checked the criteria in the Sendle Cover Policy (and sent after 25 May 2020, when the updated Cover policy came into effect).
Sendle your packages - Black Friday

We’ll keep you in the loop via real-time updates on your parcel’s tracking page.


Other important info you should probably know.

Where do I find the Terms and Conditions?

For the stuff our legal team want you to know, see the Sendle Extra Cover Terms and Conditions. Or see this nice little summary on Sendle Cover.

Can I add Extra Cover to multiple parcels?

Yes! You can add Extra Cover using the batch upload tool for multiple orders. 

It’s just a matter of adding in an extra field to your CSV file called warranty_cover_value. The value for this field should be the numeric dollar amount you wish to cover the parcel for (eg. 250.50). 

If no cover amount is entered, the minimum cover for your Sendle account will be applied. You can also edit the Extra Cover amount in the ‘Edit order’ section of your dashboard. More info about the Batch Upload Tool here

Can I buy third-party insurance as well as purchase Sendle Extra Cover? 

Sure, if you feel the need to purchase another layer of insurance through a third-party insurer, you can certainly do that. As long as you meet Sendle’s terms and conditions for our cover, and the additional insurance that you buy does not duplicate the cover we provide, you will be able to claim with us.

How should I package my parcel so it doesn’t get damaged and I can be sure that I am protected?

To ensure that your parcel will be covered we recommend customers safely package every parcel with strong protection so they are fit for transport (fragile stickers alone just don’t cut it). Importantly, don’t use transparent packaging such as bubble wrap or plastic bags – we won’t be able to transport it! Here are the guidelines for packaging. And here is how to avoid heartache with our 5-step guide for perfect packaging.

How long do I have to make a claim?

If your parcel is deemed lost after an investigation, you can claim cover within 10 days of loss confirmation. If your parcel is damaged, you can claim cover within 10 days of the delivery date.

How long does it take for a claim to be paid out?

If you’ve submitted a claim, we’ll get back to you within 7 business days with the outcome.

Signature on Delivery vs Authority to Leave parcels

Only parcels for which Signature on Delivery (SOD) is required are covered by Sendle Cover and Sendle Extra Cover. If your parcel is marked ATL or Authority to Leave, it is not eligible for cover.

This page is updated as of 25 May 2020.