No printer?
No problem!

Print In-Store is here.

Sending parcels just got a whole lot easier. With Print In-Store, your shipping labels are printed for you – for free – at select Sendle drop-off locations.


Shipping made simple, no assembly required

Having a printer shouldn’t be the barrier to shipping, and now with Sendle Print In-Store, you don’t need one! Whether you’re sending a gift to a loved one, testing out a small business idea, or doing a spring clean and selling your unwanted items, Print In-Store is for you!


When you book a parcel, select ‘I’ll drop it off” as your shipping option.


Your closest drop off locations will appear, and will tell you if they offer Print In-Store.


Show your Sendle tracking QR code, or your Sendle reference number, at the drop off location.


The store will print and attach the label for you, and we’ll send a driver to pick up your parcel.


Free drop off and printing

Convenience at no extra cost. Have the power and flexibility to take your parcel to a nearby location and print your label – for free.

24/7 Support

Enjoy easy access to detailed advice and support, powered by real people who are always ready to help.

100% carbon neutral

For every parcel you send with us, we offset carbon emissions by investing in positive environmental causes.


Not just yet. We’re currently trialling Print In-Store in a select group of drop-off locations but we’ll be adding more locations soon. Check if there’s a location near you here.
We’ll show you any Print In-store locations located within 25km of you when you book in a drop-off parcel. If you’re willing to travel further, you can also check for Print In-Store locations here.
If you’ve booked a drop off parcel, as long as you have your tracking QR code or Sendle reference number you'll be able to use Print In-Store at a participating drop off location.
Print In-Store is available for domestic shipping, excluding express and international shipping.
Not all drop-off locations are able to print your labels in-store. We recommend checking if your closest location has Print In-Store before going in. You can check locations by clicking here.
No, we’ll print your shipping label for free.
There’s no limit, at least not officially. That said, the store may refuse parcels if they don’t have enough space to process them.
Stores may have a backup printer they can use.
You’ll see this and the 7-character Sendle code once you complete the order on the dashboard. You will have the option to email a link to yourself or take a screenshot, and show it on your phone at the drop off location to be scanned by a staff member.
We’re always looking to expand our Print In-Store enabled drop off locations, so let us know where you are, and we’ll see what we can do for you! Register your interest here.