250 grams! Send any shape, any size from $3.85*

Budgie smugglers, rings for jugglers, ping pong balls and lacy shawls. What do they have in common? They can cost a lot to ship. Not anymore! Enter Sendle Pouch. Our new 250g size that’s tracked and perfect for sending small stuff (or big stuff that’s light).

It’s brand new to AU and there’s nothing else quite like it. So, why post when you can Sendle?


*Excluding GST and fuel surcharge. Available to new and existing Sendle Pro customers (sending 200+ parcels per month).
No subscriptions or contracts – only pay for what you ship         No peak surcharges         100% carbon neutral delivery

Does your small business specialise in small stuff?

We know it can be a big pain because most couriers’ weight breaks start at 500g (including ours, until now). That’s a lot of lip balm! Since little packages deserve love too, we’re rolling out the 250g Sendle Pouch.


Send 250g (tracked!) from $3.85 excl. GST

Finally, a way to send small without paying for air or pretending those sunglasses are a very bulky but creatively folded document.

With Sendle Pouch, you can use your own packaging and send any size you like. As long as it’s 250g or under and fits in the truck, we’ll take it.

Sendle Pro Rates





Rates shown are exclusive of GST and fuel surcharge.

Since this is a new product, we’re introducing it in phases. When it’s available in your city or suburb, you'll see it in your dashboard / API integration. If you haven't already, you'll also need to switch to the new order form to get access. Keep an eye out!

Sendle Pouch includes the Sendle benefits you love


Free pickup from your door

You’re already busy enough. We pick up Sendle Pouch parcels right from your door.

Included tracking and support

It’s easy to track your shipments, and our support is powered by real people who are happy to help.

100% carbon neutral delivery

Every time you ship with us, the carbon emissions caused by the delivery are offset.

The need-to-knows


Sendle Pouch is available if you're sending 200+ parcels per month. Since we're rolling it out in stages, check your dashboard to see if it's available for you!

We can’t deliver Sendle Pouch to PO boxes or international addresses. Please address your parcel to an Australian business or residential address.

Sendle Pouch is pickup only – please don’t drop it off or put it in the mail.

Pouch will default to ‘Authority to leave’. Signature on delivery isn't available yet.

Frequently asked questions


❯  Who can use Sendle Pouch?

Sendle Pouch will initially be available if you’re sending 200+ parcels per month (Sendle Pro) within Australia. And, since this is a new weight, we’re rolling it out in phases. When your city or suburb is added you’ll see it as an option in your dashboard or API integration, and it'll be added to the list of pickup locations for 250g. If you’re a Sendle Standard or Sendle Premium customer, hang tight. We’re working on making the 250g Sendle Pouch weight available to you, too.


❯  How do I access Sendle Pouch?

If you haven't already, you'll need to switch to the new order form to get access.


❯  Why the 250g weight?

Most couriers’ (including us, until now) weight breaks start at 500g, even if you’re selling lighter items. That means you have to send small things in big parcels full of air and packaging – and overpay for it!

Sendle Pouch enables you to send items up to 250g in the right size parcel, for the right price, and with less waste. It’s good for you, and good for the environment.


❯  Is tracking included with Sendle Pouch?

Yes! Sendle Pouch is trackable through your Dashboard and email notifications. It works just like tracking for your other Sendle parcels.

Most merchants either choose not to send smaller or lighter items, or they use untracked shipping options to keep costs down. We want to ensure you and your customers always know where your items are, so we’ve included tracking as standard.


❯  Are my shipments covered for loss?

Yes! Sendle 250g Pouch shipments are automatically covered for loss, up to $100 plus the cost of shipping. Learn more about Sendle Cover and optional Extra Cover for more expensive items.


❯  Can I use my own packaging?

When sending at 250g, you can use whatever kind of packaging you like – as long as the total weight, including the packaging, comes in at or under 250g, it counts as Sendle Pouch.

Choose packaging that’s robust and protects your goods. You may like to pack your 250g items in a Sendle compostable satchel cut in half, a box, repurposed cardboard, or a tube.


❯  Does the label look different for 250g?

The label for your 250g Sendle Pouch might not say ‘Sendle’ on it and will feature one of our courier partner's logos.


Want to know more? Visit the Help Centre to read our Sendle Pouch FAQ.