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Domestic delivery rates and services

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To get a more accurate quote for your route, use the postage calculator.

Sendle Standard

No minimum order quantities
Perfect for personal senders

Sendle Premium

Minimum 20 parcels/month
Designed for small business

Sendle Pro

Minimum 200 parcels/month
Ideal for established business

Parcel size
Weight & volume More on sizes and weights

Same city National Same city National Same city National
Pouch  250g 
$5.96 $6.96 $4.96 $5.96 $3.98 $5.12
Satchel  500g & A4
$7.44 $9.13 $6.38 $8.07 $5.28 $6.98
Handbag  1kg & 4L
$10.23 $11.87 $9.18 $10.81 $6.58 $7.66
Shoebox  3kg & 12L
$11.12 $13.33 $10.06 $12.17 $7.11 $8.52
Briefcase  5kg & 20L
$11.23 $14.75 $10.06 $13.69 $7.26 $10.71
Carry-on  10kg & 40L
$11.49 $21.84 $10.06 $20.78 $7.26 $16.56
Duffle parcel Duffle  20kg & 80L
$12.86 $32.88 $10.06 $31.83 $7.26 $28.09
Check-in  25kg & 100L
$14.86 $37.88 $12.06 $36.83 $7.26 $32.64

Delivery cost is based on weight and volume, whichever is higher.

Prices incl GST, excl fuel surcharge
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Prices incl GST, excl fuel surcharge
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Prices excl GST, excl fuel surcharge
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Sending to Remote locations

You can reach remote addresses with Sendle! These are far-flung places, which will have their own remote delivery pricing. You can calculate your remote delivery pricing by using the relevant national rate and then adding the remote pricing on top. For example, if you’re on Sendle Premium and sending a leather handbag (up to 1kg) from Sydney to Ravenswood in remote WA, you’d pay: $10.81 (Sydney to National rate) + $9 (Remote location rate) + $5 (Remote WA rate) = $24.81, excluding fuel surcharge.

Deliveries to remote locations
$7 (250g/Pouch), $9 (500g/Stachel), $11 (1kg/Handbag), $11 (3kg/Shoebox), $13 (5kg/Briefcase), $16 (10kg/Carry-on), $20 (20kg/Duffle and 25kg Check-in)

Deliveries to remote WA and NT
Add $5 for up to 5kg (Briefcase), $10 for up to 10kg (Carry-on) and $20 for up to 25kg (Check-in) on top of the national rate and remote location rate

Not keen on doing the maths? Use the Sendle Dashboard for an accurate, all-inclusive, quote.

Free pickup Yes, however 250g is only available with drop off if you’re a Standard or Premium Sendler.
Free authority to leave option Yes
Free shipping cover All eligible parcels covered for loss up to $100.*
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All eligible parcels covered for loss up to $300.*
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Free redelivery Yes
Lock-in contracts No
Network extension or delivery choices

Over 1,000 newsagents, convenience stores, independent supermarkets & service stations

PO box deliveries No
Velocity Frequent Flyer Points Yes No
Carbon offset

All Sendle deliveries are 100% carbon neutral

Free eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, Squarespace and more Yes
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Try 250g Sendle Pouch from $3.98#

Sending little or light? You’re going to love Sendle Pouch! From $3.98, our new 250g tracked weight without size or shape restrictions.

Need a solution for your smalls? The 250g Sendle Pouch is here to help! Send any size or shape you like? Check! Track it, door-to-door? Check! Use your own packaging? Check! As long as your parcel is 250g or under and fits in the truck, we’ll take it.

Sendle 250g rates


Sendle Standard^

Sendle Premium^

Sendle Pro#













^ Must be used with dropoff. Includes GST, excludes fuel surcharge.
# Excludes of GST and fuel surcharge.
** Regional and remote rates are indicative only, please visit the Sendle Dashboard for pricing.

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Cheaper than Parcel Post and Express Post*, guaranteed!

We guarantee you can send your 250g, 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 25kg parcels in Sendle's same-city and national zones for less than standard Parcel Post rates.

And, we’ve extended our Price Guarantee to include Sendle Express. We're up to 38% cheaper than Express Post on 1kg, 3kg and 5kg parcels, with savings of up to $1.

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Instant postage calculator

Sendle. Simple, reliable, affordable small business shipping.

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Get a quote for a single parcel using our instant postage calculator. Simply enter your pickup suburb or postcode, and another search bar will pop up so you can enter the delivery location. It will automatically calculate postage rates comparing parcel sizes on different Sendle plans and estimated delivery times. Get instant results so you can start shipping with Sendle today!

Express postage, from $9.44*, is here!

Express, but make it sustainable? Yes we did! Going green just got faster. Sendle Express shipping is ideal for last minute gifts, when you’ve got an event to go to and nothing to wear or when your customers simply expect it there yesterday.

Sendle Express includes free, same-day pickup (when you book before 12pm), super speedy 2-day delivery to covered suburbs and, as always, everything you ship with us includes Sendle Cover and 100% carbon neutral delivery.

Sendle Express Rates





Parcel size

Same city


Same city


Same city


Handbag  1kg & 4L







Shoebox  3kg & 12L







Briefcase  5kg/20L







# Price excludes fuel surcharge.
* Sendle Pro pricing is exclusive of GST and fuel surcharge.


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International delivery rates and services

Our simple, affordable, reliable international shipping is designed to help your business thrive around the world. You think big, now you can ship big, too!
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How do I get a quote?

Get a free quote in under 30 seconds for any parcel from your Sendle Dashboard. Simply sign-up for a free Sendle account and add in your pickup and delivery info, and the parcel size and weight. You can also use our postage calculator tool (no need to even log in!).

Does Sendle offer express service?

Yes! Sendle Express is rolling out across Australia, with 2-day delivery and same-day pickup for shipments booked before 12pm. Learn more here.

Can Sendle pick up from me?

Yes! To arrange a pickup, all you need to do is book online and print and attach the label. Sendle picks up from over 90% of Australian addresses – check out the Locations & Coverage guide for the full list.

What can I send?

Sendle is designed to make delivering all things a breeze. There are some items that you can't book with Sendle, such as dangerous goods, and anything that is heavier than 25kg or bigger than 100 litres in volume. More on sizes and weights here.