How to return a parcel

We know that sometimes you receive things that aren’t quite right. Luckily, returns are easy with Sendle!

Sendle parcel returns in Australia

Steps for parcel returns

Not all sellers offer returns - check their website to find out before proceeding to these steps.
illustration of a printed shipping label

Step 1:
Print your return shipping label

If you don't have a return label yet, you can request one from the sender. (Some senders even include them in orders!)

illustration of a packed Sendle parcel

Step 2:
Prepare your parcel

Attach your label and make sure everything is packed and closed securely.

illustration of a parcel drop off

Step 3:
Drop off your parcel

Drop your return parcel at any drop off point from our national network of locations.


Step 4:
Track your return parcel

Sendle tracked returns lets both you and the sender know of any shipping updates.

Prepare your return parcel to sender

Now that you’ve printed a clear and smudge-free barcode on your label (these have to be printed, and should not be hand-written!), it’s time to prepare your parcel for shipping. 

As much as possible, place the return item back in its original packaging. Otherwise, you can refer to the Sendle parcel guide to ensure a secure return journey. You want to make sure that your parcel reaches the sender so that you can get the right item back!

How to drop off parcel returns

Drop off your return parcel at any drop off point from our national network of locations. After dropping off, you can’t cancel a return parcel. However, if you have a label but you haven’t used it yet – you don’t have to! The sender isn’t charged until it’s scanned.

Some sellers offer free returns, and some will ask you to pay shipping to them, but you won’t be asked to pay anything when you drop your parcel off.

Find a drop off location

Enter your suburb or postcode to find your nearest drop off point.

Make sure you drop off your parcel close to where it was delivered (because your parcel needs to travel back the same way it came).

Sendle tracked returns

Once you have the updated reference number from the return label, you can easily find updates on the  Sendle’s parcel tracking page. Check your parcel updates anytime anywhere to make sure that it safely gets from point A to point B.

Your parcel tracking number can be found in confirmation or notification emails you’ve received after being scanned at the drop off location. The parcel tracking number is also shared with your Sendler  so they can keep track of the shipment progress via the Sendle tracking tool. Likewise, you’ll both be notified when the parcel completes its journey.  Need more help with parcel tracking? Check our support article to learn more.

Tip: You can find your parcel  tracking reference in the email subject line for easy access!


Parcel returns for senders

Watch how easy it is to organize parcel returns through the Sendle dashboard

We’ve rolled out returns, making it easy for you to generate a return label for your customer right from their order in just a few clicks. 

Visit our help page to learn more about creating and receiving returns.

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