Ship & Save – discounts that grow with you

Rewards of up to 55% off# simply for shipping more of your parcels with Sendle? It’s called Ship & Save, it's rolling out from August 1, and we think you’ll love it.

# Percentage saved off Sendle’s new low Standard rates when you spend at least $4k in a 4-week period.

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Ship & Save: every dollar you spend helps you save

Ship & Save is the name of our new approach to pricing that rewards you every step of the way. Very simply, the more you ship with Sendle, the more you save.
"I have 150,000 reasons to love Sendle, because that’s how many dollars we’ll save in a year on shipping! In fact, thanks to Ship & Save rewards, we’ll have even more funds to reinvest in the team, equipment, stock, product and back into growing the business and helping our community discover what they’re capable of."

~ Ben Dineen, co-founder, The WOD Life

Unlock huge discounts on our already low Sendle Standard rates with every dollar you spend – on domestic and international shipping and even things like Extra Cover – it all counts towards your minimum 4-week spend.


* Percentage saved off Sendle’s new low Standard rates.
^ Get in touch to find out more about Level 7 super-secret savings.

Bye bye plans, hello flexible levels

Level up and down automatically. If business booms any time within your 4-week cycle (and you hit the minimum for a higher level, well done you) we'll level you up with more discounts the very next day!

If things slow down, you’ll get a 4-week grace period to get business back on track. No need to contact us. Nothing to do but focus on growing your business. And, you can track your cumulative spend for the current 4-week period from your Sendle dashboard.

And the same Sendle flexibility you love, like:

  • No subscriptions
  • No lock-in contracts (in fact, no contracts at all)
  • No charge for us to pick up from you
  • No minimum order quantities (MOQs)

Want to give it a go? Simply get your free account, send a parcel and you’re on your way to spectacular savings.

A level playing field

Already a Sendler? Here’s what to expect when you move to Ship & Save.

We’ll calculate your starting level by looking at your shipping spend over the past 4-week period, or map you to your level based on the table below (whichever will result in the highest savings level for you).

Old plan

Ship & Save starting level

Sendle Standard

Sendle Standard

Sendle Premium

Level 2

Sendle Pro

Level 5

Sendle Plus

Level 6

Band matching? You got it!

New to Sendle and want the best deal? If you’re on Band 3 with Australia Post MyPost Business, we’ll welcome you to Sendle at Level 4. On Band 5? Come on over to Sendle’s Level 6! Nice ‘eh?

For everyone else, share your shipping transaction history with your past provider (via live chat message or our contact form) and we’ll match the level for you. If you're eyeing off Level 4 or above (spending $4k per month on shipping) get in touch.

New rates and ranges

We’ve introduced two new ranges, called ‘Near Metro’ (e.g. Sydney to Gosford) and ‘Near Capital’ (e.g. Sydney to Brisbane or Melbourne to Sydney). That's in addition to the existing ranges: Same-city, National, Regional and Remote.

Why the extra ones? Because a more "granular" delivery network means we can make your shipping to these popular parcel routes even cheaper. Winner!

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Ship & Save FAQs

From August 1 2023, every Sendler (new or old) will begin to be migrated to Ship & Save. There’s nothing you need to do but focus on growing your business!

Every parcel you send with us will go towards your monthly spend, which will impact the level you’re on. Sendle Express, Extra Cover and even fuel surcharge will add towards you levelling up. Please note, buying Sendle compostable satchels will not contribute to your monthly spend. But you should still use them, because they're great for the planet.

Free pickup will be available with 250g if you’re on Level 4 or above. If you’re using Sendle Standard or Levels 1-3, 250g will be available with drop off only.

Hang tight. We're still working on Sendle Express and International rates. If you're a regular user of either, we'll be in touch soon.

When you ship with Sendle through ShipStation, Starshipit or any of our other partners mentioned under shipping solutions, your Ship & Save level will automatically apply to those parcels.

Some of our integration partners have exclusive rates, huge discounts and special offers. If you’re buying Sendle labels directly from eBay, Shopify Shipping, Poshmark or another of our marketplace partners, you’ll continue to receive the rate or offer you’re on now. If things change, you’ll get plenty of notice.

Love the nitty gritty? Take a gander at our Ship & Save Help Centre article or the Ship & Save Terms and Conditions.