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We guarantee you can send your 250g, 500g, 1kg/4L, 3kg/12L, 5kg/20L, 10kg, 20kg and 25kg parcels in Sendle's same-city and national zones for less than standard Parcel Post rates.*

You're viewing domestic rates for Sydney, NSW 2000

Same city National
Parcel size
Pouch  250g 
$4.96 $5.96
Satchel  500g/A4
$6.38 $8.07
Handbag  1kg/4L
$9.18 $10.81
Shoebox  3kg/12L
$10.06 $12.17
Briefcase  5kg/20L
$10.06 $13.69
Carry-on  10kg/40L
$10.06 $20.78
Duffle parcel Duffle  20kg & 80L
$10.06 $31.83
Check-in  25kg/100L
$12.06 $36.83

Our national low rates cover 94% of the country, but you can reach remote addresses with Sendle, too, using the remote price tier. Historically, only 6% of deliveries have been to remote locations with Sendle.

* See our Price Guarantee

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Free 60-day trial

ShipStation, an eCommerce shipping platform, is providing a free 60-day trial for Sendle merchants.

Small businesses love Sendle + ShipStation.

"The parcel tracking is fantastic – the customer feels secure as they can track their package and it means we’re spending less time communicating with them. Also, because Sendle integrates seamlessly with our website, the entire dispatch process is automated. This saves us time manually processing orders and means we can ship packages much quicker. Everyone loves getting their package in a flash!"

Heather and David, Kippins

"Learning to use Sendle and ShipStation was one of the most valuable tricks of the trade I’ve learned from other Mums. The fact you guys integrate into my online store and can mass produce all my labels instantly saves me so much time and effort. "

Chantal, Little Lunch Box Co

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Pickups from you

Whether you need to send a single satchel or a warehouse full of parcels, a friendly courier will come to you each time.


Tracking updates

All deliveries come with detailed tracking - including a signature when it arrives - at no extra cost to your business.


Total flexibility

As a Shipstation customer, enjoy Sendle Premium with no minimum requirements, no contracts or hidden fees, just great rates.


Fully integrated

Sendle comes fully integrated into your ShipStation account - all the tech has been built. Simply connect and send.

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Loved by ShipStation customers all over Australia.

  • product_review
    Sendle is the answer to my shipping needs.

    "Good prices, very easy process and parcels collected from my door. Tracking made following the parcels progress easy. The admin and customer service for Sendle is friendly, responsive and exceptionally helpful."

  • product_review
    Convenience for business

    "I love the convenience of Sendle for our online business for Live Whole Yoga. It also means that when it comes to shipping we can afford to charge less for our over all business."

  • product_review
    Send good, feel good

    "I work for a small business and we use Sendle for all our packages that we need to send or receive. Super satisfied. Great interface, tracking, and they are carbon neutral!"

  • product_review
    Seamless integration!

    "Great price, easy to use, seamless integration and my customers have been impressed with the notifications and updates from door-to-door. These guys are cheaper and far more convenient for parcels."

  • product_review
    Awesome service!

    "We've been using Sendle for our subscription business since we launched. It saves us time and money each month and we would struggle to be competitive without it. We are always recommending Sendle to other business we come across."

  • product_review
    Cheap, reliable and fast!

    "Sendle is easy to use. My customers get full tracking details and I get to look great by having the package turn up on time!"

Upgrade to Sendle Premium
No lock-in contracts or hidden fees


How quickly can I set it up?

Instantly. Once you've created your free Sendle account, simply copy your API key and follow the prompts. No credit checks or contracts.

Where can I manage orders?

You'll be able to track all deliveries from your ShipStation account. Plus, we'll send branded tracking emails to your customers for you!

Can I also sync my international orders?

Absolutely! With ShipStation, all your domestic and international orders can be synced and processed as easy as 1-2-3!

How fast is delivery?

You'll get an estimate with every booking. In general, same-city deliveries arrive overnight and to nearby cities within 2-3 days.