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You're viewing domestic rates for Sydney, NSW 2000

Same city National
Parcel size
Pouch  250g 
$4.96 $5.96
Satchel  500g/A4
$6.38 $8.07
Handbag  1kg/4L
$9.18 $10.81
Shoebox  3kg/12L
$10.06 $12.17
Briefcase  5kg/20L
$10.06 $13.69
Carry-on  10kg/40L
$10.06 $20.78
Duffle parcel Duffle  20kg & 80L
$10.06 $31.83
Check-in  25kg/100L
$12.06 $36.83

Our national low rates cover 94% of the country, but you can reach remote addresses with Sendle, too, using the remote price tier. Historically, only 6% of deliveries have been to remote locations with Sendle.

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Earn Velocity Points now
No lock-in contracts or hidden fees

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    Sendle is great.

    "Sendle is great. It's the best interface with WooCommerce we have come across."

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    It's super convenient

    "It's super convenient, super easy and cheap. Not having to make time to go to a post office is the best."

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    International is amazing

    "Sendle’s low international rates, efficient dispatch processes and integration with our cart means less time and money spent on managing our international deliveries."

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    I love that tracking is simple

    "I love that tracking is simple, and that pickup is simple. It just feels very professional, and the experience is brilliant for both sender and recipient."

Earn Velocity Points now
No lock-in contracts or hidden fees


How long does delivery take?

Sendle parcels travel by road — same-city parcels are usually same or next business days, and interstate parcels are 2-3 business days. Every time you book, you and your customer will get a delivery estimate so you always know what's what.

Can I send small parcels?

Yes! You absolutely can. We have all sizes available, from 250g up to 25kg parcels, and everything in between. Sign up to Sendle and start sending whatever size items you like, straight away.

How do I ensure my parcels arrive safely?

We know you put a lot of love and care into your parcels and we want to make sure they arrive as bought. Our top three tips are: pad between layers, eliminate rattling and double-box where possible.

What size is right for my parcel?

To keep things simple, Sendle uses five size tiers: 250g, 500g, 1kg/4L, 3kg/12L, 5kg/20L, 10kg, 20kg and 25kg. Your parcel has to fit under both the weight and volume limit in order to 'fit' the size.  If it's too big, just go up a size. If you're unsure, there is a handy size calculator on your dashboard to help you figure it out.

The legal stuff.

Standard pricing refers to pricing for Sendle ‘Standard’ accounts. Velocity Frequent Flyer members will earn 5 Velocity Points for every domestic parcel and 10 Velocity Points for every international parcel sent with Sendle once the members’ ‘Standard’ or ‘Premium’ Sendle account has been linked to their current Velocity account. Velocity Points will be earned on the orders paid for and picked up (‘Purchase’). It is the responsibility of Velocity members to link their Sendle account to their Velocity account by adding their Velocity Membership number and name to their Sendle account. Velocity Points will not be earned when an incorrect Velocity membership number or name is associated with an account. Purchases completed prior to successfully linking your Sendle account to your Velocity account will not earn Velocity Points.

To be eligible to earn Velocity Points, the Velocity member must be the person who makes the purchase. No Velocity Points will be earned when a purchase is subsequently refunded. Only Sendle 'Premium' and 'Standard' account members are eligible to earn Velocity Points. Sendle 'Pro' account holders are not eligible to earn Velocity Points for any Purchases unless otherwise stated in a special promotion. Any applicable Velocity Points earned will be awarded 14 days after the completion of the Purchase.

All Purchases are governed by Sendle’s Terms and Conditions and Sendle’s Privacy Policy. Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions apply, as amended from time to time. Please see the Velocity Privacy Policy for details on how Velocity will handle your personal information.