Sendle Australian Small Business Survey - October 2021

With the lockdowns easing and peak season in full swing, we spoke to Aussie Sendlers to gauge how prepared they are for another record Christmas. Check out the results!

COVID Resilience

Winter 2021 tested the country’s resolve, especially on the East Coast. But as the backbone of this hardy nation, it's great to see small businesses bouncing back.


of SMBs feel optimistic or comfortable about being prepared for the peak season 


say sales have increased or remained the same during the COVID lockdowns


are concerned about delivery delays in the lead up to Christmas

Top tips

  Get prepared early
  Set realistic delivery expectations with customers
  Be kind to your delivery driver

eCommerce Shipping

The much talked about eCommerce boom is not just a short-term fad, with small businesses quick to adapt to the mind-boggling consumer shift to online.


of SMBs have shifted more than half their business online during the COVID lockdowns


say Sendle's integrations with global eCommerce marketplaces make shipping a breeze

The top 5 product categories

forecast to be delivered by Sendle this Christmas include:

Embracing Sustainability

With the UN Climate Change talks on the agenda, governments and big business are setting Net Zero targets, but small businesses are leading the charge.


of SMBs factor sustainability into most of their business decisions


of Sendle customers say carbon neutral shipping is important to them!

Sustainability in business is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘necessity.’ The world of fashion and accessories can be linked to a linear business model, but we are working hard to create a process that is circular which will allow us, over time, to develop a system that has the opportunity for products to be reused, recycled and regenerated.

Kaitlin Gray, Barefoot and Blonde online jewellery store, Sydney.

Sendle 2021 Small Business Survey