A gift from Sendle

Thanks for a remarkable year!

Sendle’s mission is Shipping that’s good for the world. For us, that means good for the little guy, good for the planet.

For Christmas 2020—bookend to a truly unforgettable year—we want to do something special. We’ve selected a few causes that matter a great deal to us to support and want you to be involved.

Namely, protecting small businesses and the environment.


The three causes we have chosen to support are:

Mount Sandy Conservation Project


Nestled in South Australia, the Mount Sandy project protects one of the last pockets of bush and wetlands in the region. Home to iconic native wildlife—such as the short-beaked echidna, the purple-gaped honeyeater, and the elegant parrot—these coastal shrublands and saline swamplands are vital to the continued existence of unique flora and fauna. It brings together non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians through land conservation efforts utilizing methods that have been employed by Traditional Custodians, the Ngarrindjeri people, for millennia.

May Twenty Ako


The Phillipines has suffered 22 tropical storms and 12 typhoons so far in 2020. This youth-led organization encourages the power of micro donations and the money raised goes to helping the homeless and those affected by the pandemic and these typhoons. This help comes in the form of hand sanitiser, canned goods, food, PPE, and more. The hashtag, #MayTwentyAko, means ‘I have 20 pesos’ in Tagalog. The 20 peso note is the smallest bill available in the Philippines.

Garcia River Forest Protection

United States

Ancient redwood forests—home to the tallest trees on the planet—crowd along California’s northern coast, rich with a diversity of wildlife. Decades of aggressive logging has diminished this landscape and destroyed the local economy. The Garcia River project is the first non-profit owned working forest, keeping these pristine forests standing and local economies thriving for years to come. These forests are the most powerful carbon sequestration machines in the world and their protection will illustrate the economic viability of saving others throughout the world.

Also, we wanted to support projects in the places we do business

Australia 🇦🇺

Where it all started! Our original headquarters and home to all the great minds that got us where we are today.

The Philippines 🇵🇭

The beating heart of Sendle. Home to our incomparable customer happiness magicians and the reason Sendlers love us.

The USA 🇺🇸

The expansion team. Our HQ2, our next big chapter, and home to our US marketing, growth, and finance experts.

Environmental impact

To learn more about Sendle’s impact, see here.

Thanks again for your support this year!

Love, The Sendle Team