Spend less on deliveries

Choose the plan that's right for you and put money back in your pocket with flat national pricing.

What about insurance?

Your parcels are automatically insured for loss up to the value of $1500. It's extremely rare for parcels to go missing, but if the worst happens, the claims process is online, hassle-free and speedy.

Remote Deliveries?

You can reach remote addresses with Sendle too. This requires a remote surcharge which you will see before you order and book. Historically, only 6% of deliveries have been to remote locations with Sendle.

Price Estimator

Tap in the size and weight of your parcel and we'll give you a price estimate based on the Easy plan

My parcel is cm tall cm wide cm deep and weighs kg
500g + A4
2kg + 8L
5kg + 20L
10kg + 40L
25kg + 100L
Based on the Easy plan:
Your parcel is 10kg and 20.0L $11.95 Same city $19.95 National $33.95 Remote
All prices are inclusive of GST

How speedy is delivery?

Sendle uses a road-delivery network that is efficient and speedy. Each
order gets a unique delivery estimate that is shared with your customer
to help them keep track too.


How do I get a quote?

Get a free quote in under 30 seconds for any parcel from your Sendle Dashboard. Simply sign-up for a free Sendle account and add in your pickup and delivery info, and the parcel size and weight.

Is Sendle an express service?

In general, same-city deliveries arrive overnight and deliveries to nearby cities within 2-3 days. Though very speedy, Sendle does not currently offer an express or guaranteed overnight delivery service.

Can Sendle pick up from me?

Yes! To arrange a pickup, all you need to do is book online and print and attach the label. Sendle picks up from over 90% of Australian addresses – check out the Locations & Coverage guide for the full list.

What can I send?

Sendle is designed to make delivering all things a breeze. There are some items that you can't book with Sendle, such as dangerous goods, and anything that is heavier than 25kg or bigger than 100 litres in volume.

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