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Select which project you want Sendle to invest in to make shipping carbon neutral.

Sendle is the first and only 100% carbon neutral shipping service. To achieve this, we use fuel efficient shipping methods and offset the remaining CO2 produced through conservation, regeneration, and community initiatives. We ensure that all Sendle deliveries have a net carbon footprint of zero. That’s right, zero!

A quick recap of how it works


We calculate the carbon emitted when you ship packages with Sendle.


We find projects that invest in the Earth by preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems. Each project is vetted by our partner South Pole


You select a project you care about. We’ll invest in it on your behalf.

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Sendle will invest in the project you choose to make shipping carbon neutral.

Invest in Earth through one of these projects


Photo credit: South Pole

Darkwoods Forest


A carbon sink is any place that stores more carbon that it releases. Forests are not only home to at-risk wildlife, they are vital places that store and sequester carbon from Earth’s atmosphere. The Darkwoods Forest Conservation project sustains and protects almost 55,000 hectares of some of the most diverse forests in British Columbia, including rare old-growth inland temperate rainforests.

The protected forests have prevented the emission of over 3.5 million tCO2e to date.
292 full-time jobs created

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Tasmanian Forest


Tasmania is world-renowned as a spectacular wild place with species found nowhere else, including the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle, the Eastern Quoll, the Ptunarra Brown Butterfly and the iconic Tasmanian devil. This project has protected pockets of native forests in Tasmania’s Central Highlands since 2009. By stopping logging and land degradation, the project prevents stored carbon from being released. A vibrant forest creates economic opportunities for ecotourism and improves water quality.

71,500 tCO2e avoided and sequestered on average each year
30,000 hectares of native forests protected

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Mount Sandy

Photo credit: South Pole

Mount Sandy


The Mount Sandy project permanently protects a rare pocket of wetlands and woodlands between the Coorong National Park and Lake Albert in partnership with its Traditional Owners, the Ngarrindjeri. Native plants for regenerations are supplied from a nursery in the Raukkan Aboriginal Community. As one of the last remaining areas of native vegetation in the region, the land forms a strategic corridor for wildlife, including the short-beaked echidna, purple-gaped honeyeater and elegant parrot.

200 hectares of habitat protected
5 jobs created for Ngarrindjeri Australians

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Beidler Forest

United States

Native trees including longleaf pine, red maple, and water oak have been permanently conserved as forest in this project owned and managed by the National Audubon Society in South Carolina. The National Audubon Society of South Carolina has protected 5,500 acres where many birds, including the stunning eastern Painted Bunting, call home. These birds are just one species threatened by habitat loss in the area. Before being protected, this land was harvested for timber production.

Climate change and 1.5-3°C of warming can bring spring heat waves that endanger young birds in the nest.

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