Sendle 2020 Small Business Survey

In July 2020 we spoke to our US small business customers to find out how they’ve weathered the COVID storm. America’s future depends on them! Here are the results.

eCommerce Boom

COVID has triggered the biggest shift to eCommerce the world has ever seen. At Sendle, we’ve been delivering holiday peak parcel volumes around the United States each week during the pandemic.


of customers started using Sendle after the global pandemic was declared on 11 March.


increase in package volumes between March and July 2020 as online sales skyrocketed


rise in face mask deliveries in April as SMBs got busy sewing.

With eCommerce booming, an increasing number of Etsy sellers like Domino Vintage have started using Sendle’s new streamlined shipping integration with Etsy.

Etsy is the perfect global platform for my unique, one-of-a-kind, and classic vintage. The vintage I sell on Etsy is sourced by costume designers for film, TV, Broadway, and stylists from artists and celebrities. Sendle has worked out great for Domino Vintage! The integration with Etsy has been seamless.


Belinda Bennett, Domino Vintage, Massachusetts

eMarketer reports eCommerce sales will surge 18% in 2020 to US $710 billion. As a result, many sellers are under pressure to pivot, adapt and grow their small business or side hustle online.

Small business growth in the United States

Between March and July 2020 - package volumes have increased by 83%.

The top five states using Sendle for shipping include California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania and New York.


Top Five States

Package Volume Increase

New York 










Impact on Growth

We’re pleased to say the majority of our small business customers are feeling optimistic, resilient and agile despite all the challenges.


have grown their business during the coronavirus pandemic, while 29% have maintained it at the same level.


have had to pivot their business so they can continue selling and make a living during COVID.


that started shipping with Sendle during the pandemic are running a side hustle (part-time business)


are feeling optimistic about their business prospects heading into the second half of 2020


Jenni Moon, No Rival Industries, Seattle

Stirred to launch her side hustle by the sudden and aggressive rise of COVID-19, Jenni Moon started manufacturing cloth face masks at her family business in Miami. For every mask sold, one is donated to communities in need.

They generously volunteered their production capacity to pivot during COVID-19 in order to help me launch this project within one week from idea to launch. The idea is that similar impact projects will be launched as a response to the needs we see in our community (locally and globally).

Buy Local

COVID has revived the shop local movement as consumers opt to buy products Made in America and support local businesses.
Shop local impact

72% sell locally made

Most small businesses using Sendle sell US made products.

Andrew Svisco gave up his job as a stock analyst to pursue his dream of producing American-made, high-quality boots and has managed to keep production going throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Most other large companies go to a factory overseas and use whatever (boot) lasts they have in stock and call them “their” lasts. Unlike other larger brands and companies, I work directly with a group of eight skilled craftsmen and craftswomen right here in Western New York to help make the boots.


Andrew Svisco, Parkhurst, New York

The most popular locally made products sold during COVID include


say they’ve seen higher than usual demand for their locally made products during the pandemic.


are selling products that are 75% or more made from ethical or sustainable materials.


Small businesses employ so many Americans and we need to do what we can to help them survive and more importantly thrive and so package delivery, believe it or not, has become a really important ingredient in the entire eCommerce chain.

James Chin Moody, CEO and Co-Founder of Sendle