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Get Sendle media assets including logos, b-roll, photography and small business insights.

Logos and guidelines

Sendle primary logo
Sendle primary white logo
Primary White
Sendle chevron logo


Sendle B-roll of Sendle workplace in Sydney, Australia and the United States
Sendle Workplace
B-roll video thumbnail preview of Sendle warehouse for package and parcel deliveries
Warehouse for package and parcel delivery


Small business media gallery

Black woman small business owner holding an eco-friendly box parcel package
Small business owner
Small business hands preparing the parcel package for delivery shipping
Package with shipping label
Small business mom sitting while booking a parcel package and printing shipping label with Sendle
Small business setup at home
Small business woman standing while printing a shipping label for Sendle deliveries
Sendle booking process
Small business customer smiling and happy while wrapping her parcel package ready for shipping with Sendle
Small business packaging
Small business couple owners in their package warehouse office doing their business activities
Small business activity

CEO and co-founder

Sendle CEO Founder, James Chin Moody standing behind the books shelf
James Chin Moody
Sendle CEO Founder, James Chin Moody holding a white package parcel box
James Chin Moody
Sendle CEO Founder, James Chin Moody standing behind a pile of packages parcels boxes inside courier warehouse
James Chin Moody