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Sendle is home to engineers, marketers, eco-warriors, designers, pop culture nerds, and more. We want to make the world a better place. We also want small businesses to thrive.

People are what make Sendle work.

Sendle People

As a B Corporation, Sendle strives to do good in the world. To do that, a culture of really great people is not just important—it’s absolutely necessary.

Through our people, we’re changing the game for small businesses. We’re creating a world where every small business can thrive. Not because they became big enough to compete, but because they can compete on the same field as the big guys. 

As the first 100% carbon neutral shipping service, we’re doing good for small businesses while also doing good for the planet.

Shipping that’s good for the world. We’re pretty jazzed about that.  

We want our people to become true masters of their craft.

Sendle is full of passionate and creative people engaging in robust conversation and solving big problems. They are knowledge seekers and humor finders.

Our Sendlers are self-confessed nerds, scooter appreciators, hungry foodies, art lovers, art doers, writers, dreamers, and chronic overachievers (all of them).

Stretched across Australia, the Philippines, and North America, we are a diverse bunch with a singular vision—to help small businesses thrive by making shipping simple, reliable, and affordable.

Our people are core to who we are and what we do. Our growth comes from the challenges we face and the people we face those challenges with. At Sendle, those people are incredible. 

Between us we’ve launched satellites, managed global brands, built global platforms, traveled the world, pioneered, and persevered. 

But what brings us all together at Sendle is our 5Hs.

Who Are We?

We know that diversity has great benefits for a company – varied perspectives lead to better problem solving, faster and more creative ideation, and they safeguard against ‘groupthink’ – but we also know that diverse teams and an inclusive culture are better for our people.

So at Sendle, we make sure there’s room for everyone at our table, and we work hard to be a diverse and inclusive workplace – that means hiring people with a wide range of backgrounds, skills, identities, and experiences.

It also means making sure everyone feels supported and valued so that we can enjoy their work, look after our mental health, and grow and excel in our roles.

So if you want to join our community of remarkable individuals, we’re excited to hear from you!


51% of us are female, 3% non-binary, 46% male


68% of us are people of colour


24% of us are LGBTIQA+


2% of us are transgender


We speak over 20 languages


50% of our leaders and managers are women


20% of our executive leadership team are women


29% of us live with disabilities

Our Values

We share core values, it's what unites us. Our 5Hs are kind of like our secret handshake.



We put others first.


We speak gently but frankly.


We enjoy the journey.


We aspire to make a difference.


We relentlessly deliver.

Some of the awesome people behind Sendle

  • sendler
    Customer Happiness Champion

    "I love working for Sendle because it allows me to be the best version of myself, both at work and outside. Sendle gives me the best of both worlds because the company equips me to be able to do my best work and reach my career aspirations while still having the time for my family, travel and social activities that enrich my life."

  • sendler
    Head of Product Design

    "There are so many reasons I love working at Sendle, it truly is a company with a heart. I get to work with an amazing team of talented, dedicated and friendly humans every day. When I am not working on solving design challenges, you can find me trying out new brunch spots, attempting my next DIY project or snorkelling around Sydney beaches. "

  • sendler
    Digital Designer

    “Working at Sendle is a great source of inspiration, working with awesome Sendlers around the world! I’m very grateful for the opportunity to discover my skills and gain experience in the field of marketing design. Outside work, I'm a small business owner of sustainable jewelry shop.”

  • sendler
    Lead UX Writer

    "Sendle is a fun, supportive, and creative place to work. I’m lucky enough to collaborate with amazing people in lots of different teams, with the aim of bringing the Sendle voice to life within the app. In my ‘spare’ time, I run around after two small humans – so the family friendly vibe at Sendle means I don’t miss out on all the big life moments."

  • sendler
    Lead Architect

    "Our team has a pretty good thing going with work and life balance. For me, I get to comfortably share my time between Sendle’s engineering systems and processes, growing lots of plants and hanging out with my kids. Every day brings something new: a challenge that requires us to noodle on a problem together, or a new winner on the ‘most-Sendle-emojis-created’ leaderboard. We really have built one of the most flexible and supportive work environments – which is probably why I’ve been here for almost a decade!"

  • sendler

    "I get to spend everyday working with absolute legends whom I consider as friends. The actual work I get to do is also really interesting. There’s a real focus on doing quality work, and building software that will scale well and perform well. We are all striving towards the same goal. The work we do really helps our customers at the end of the day and it’s nice when you are crafting something that you know is going to be used by people."

Be a part of building something remarkable.

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