Listen to the latest updates on Sendle and what it’s all about–small business operations, sustainable eCommerce, and carbon neutral shipping.

ABC Radio National
ABC listen / ABC Radio National Australia Post
Australia | Jun 11, 2024

New calls for Australia Post reforms

Australia Post is today facing calls to share its delivery network with private parcel carriers. Partial deregulation could allow community..

The Logistics of Logistics Podcast
male and female persons in warehouse packing parcel package shipping
North America | Oct 4, 2023

A New Approach to Small Parcel with Tyler Abderholden

Tyler Abderholden and Joe Lynch discuss a new approach to small parcel. Tyler is the Vice President of Network, North America, at Sendle,..

Sustainable Ecommerce Podcast
Cover of Sustainable Ecom with Giles Smith
Australia | Aug 21, 2023

Getting to Net Zero Logistics at Sendle with James Chin Moody

I thought I’d start with something a little different today, so here’s a little riddle: What am I? I am used by every single physical..

Sendle CEO Founder James Chin Moody standing behind the books shelf
Australia | Jul 22, 2023

How to Beat a Monopoly with James Chin Moody of Sendle

James Chin Moody became an entrepreneur by accident. While on sabbatical from his engineering career, he developed a donate marketplace..

Fear & Greed
Fear & Greed logo illustration with coin currencies
Australia | Jun 26, 2023

Interview: “Break the monopoly” – the tech company taking on Aussie Post

Australia Post’s price rises for parcel and package delivery services are expected to hit small businesses in the midst of the ecommerce..

Remarkably AU
the remarkable project podcast logo
Australia | Sep 27, 2022

How do you build a business that people feel compelled to talk about?

In this episode of The Remarkable Project Jay speaks with Sendle chief James Chin Moody, about why asking customers how disappointed they’d..

Alcott Global
alcott global sendle carbon neutrality in shipping company podcast close up image james chin moody
Global | Jul 21, 2022

Carbon Neutrality in a Shipping Company

Carbon Neutrality in a Shipping Company

Frost collective
sendle podcast frost collective business for good james chin moody
Australia | Mar 8, 2022

Designing Shipping That's Good For The World with James Chin Moody

Listen in as Vince and James discuss how his experience as a Satellite Engineer helped form his relationship to space and sustainability,..

Sendle at your doorstep podcast cover art parcel package
United States | Nov 3, 2021

Finding parcel strategy to fit your business — At Your Doorstep

Small to midsize businesses need specified solutions

The CMO Show
Sendle CMO Eva Ross on Spotify podcast
Global | Apr 8, 2021

Eva Ross on understanding impact at Sendle (B Corp)

Eva Ross, CMO at Sendle, sits down with host Mark Jones to discuss understanding the multifaceted impact of a business, what it takes to..

The Startup Playbook
The Startup Playbook James Chin Moody podcast
Australia | Sep 25, 2020

James Chin Moody (Co-founder & CEO – Sendle) on systems, reputation & hell yeahs!

Connecting you to the best entrepreneurs, investors and resources from around the world.

Sendle and HubSpot podcast
Australia | Sep 22, 2020

The Postal Wars: How Sendle Took On Australia Post

When we talk about parcel delivery, the likelihood is that we think about our personal mail, those new shoes you ordered, how long they..

KPMG: What Happens Next?
What Happens Next? Sendle podcast
Australia | Sep 10, 2020

Australian startups, why are they so attractive to investors?

Despite the effects of the pandemic, a record amount of venture capital was invested in Australian startups in the first half of 2020, with..

One Wild Ride
James Chin-Moody workspace setup with laptop
Australia | Jul 22, 2020

Conversation with James Chin Moody

James is totally in sync with our beliefs here at One Wild Ride - that business can be a force for good in this world.