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Sendle is proud to be Australia's first 100% carbon neutral delivery service

Committed to helping small business thrive

Every time you send a parcel, we offset the carbon emissions and invest in positive environmental causes.

No matter how large or small, we believe business can be a force for good.

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What is carbon offsetting?
For every tonne of carbon dioxide Sendle releases into the air while delivering parcels, we cancel it out by supporting projects that combat climate change. Read more.
How does it work?
Every dollar we invest enables us to support genuinely world-changing initiatives. To find that dollar amount, we calculate the potential CO2 generated by all parcel sends for the previous year, and then invest it via our partner, South Pole. So the deliveries of all Sendle customers are 100% carbon neutral.
Does this cost me anything?
Nope! Being sustainable shouldn’t cost you more, in fact, with Sendle's Price Guarantee you actually save money by being green, how good is that?
Do I have a say in which projects are chosen?
Absolutely! Each year we ask our community to vote on which causes they believe in and would like to support. Read more.

From Earth to Pluto

Sendle has offset 6.5 billion kilometers of carbon since inception in 2014. That's 5.5 Light Hours, or the equivalent to driving a 1 tonne truck from planet Earth to Pluto.

B Corp Certified

Proud to be Australia’s first certified technology B Corp. Read more

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Our projects

Each year Sendlers vote for which projects our investment should support.

Myamyn Conservation Project

( Australia )

The endangered Long-nosed Potoroo community in the Annya State forest was logged in the 1980’s and visits by feral cats, invasive plants and illegal poaching.

By protecting against further tree clearing, and replanting with natural vegetation, this project ensures these amazing animals don’t become another extinction statistic.

Afognak Forest Carbon Project

( United States )

Logging has long threatened the diverse wildlife of Afognak’s coastal temperate rainforests. The Afognak Forest Carbon project encompasses 8,219 acres of protected old-growth Sitka Spruce forests, lakes, wetlands, and streams, which are home to a diverse set of wildlife such as the Kodiak brown bear, rainbow trout, Arctic char, and several species of Pacific salmon.

This project maintains, restores, and protects this pristine wilderness and its wildlife in perpetuity.

Madre de Dios Amazon Conservation

( Peru )

The Amazon is celebrated as a hub of biodiversity. Yet it remains under constant threat from human interference – most recently as a result of the new Inter Ocean Highway.

This project limits the impact of human immigration and development through sustainable timber concessions, as well as community education and support.

Customer testimonials

Our customers are proudly carbon neutral with their deliveries.
  • Sendle Interview
    Cherry on top.

    "Having a 100% carbon-neutral courier for our city and interstate logistics - cherry on top. Sendle for us was a no-brainer."

  • Email
    I loooooove Sendle!

    "First of all may I just say, I loooooove Sendle! I love that it is carbon neutral, that it is so easy, saving me racing down to the post office nearly every day and all this at a greater price than Australia Post. Amazing!"

  • Email
    A great selling point.

    "The carbon neutral delivery service that you offer is a great selling point for us as our customers (and us) care deeply for the environment."

  • Email

    "We love Sendle - both its service, pricing and everything that it stands for environmentally."

  • Instagram
    Beautiful planet.

    "We also use @sendle's 100% carbon neutral shipping service as our first choice. It’s really the least we can do to not carelessly use single-use plastics that take a heavy toll on our beautiful planet."

  • Website
    Doesn't cost the earth.

    "We care about getting your toxin-free, low waste Australian products to you as fast as possible, in a way that doesn’t cost the earth. That’s why we work together with Sendle."

  • Email
    Eco-conscious customers.

    "100% carbon neutral shipping gives peace of mind to our eco-conscious customers who are doing their best to minimise their impact on the world."

  • Email
    Natural partnership.

    "Sendle was a natural partnership for us. Their 100% carbon neutral delivery means we can deliver orders without costing the environment."

  • Instagram
    Makes me really happy.

    "Did you know we aim to ship as many parcels as possible using Sendle who are a carbon neutral courier? I did the maths today and can confirm we have sent 79.5% of our parcels 100% carbon neutral 🙌 This makes me really happy."

  • Sendle Interview
    It's totally worth it.

    "I’m not going to lie, when I found out about Sendle, I was so excited. Mostly because we really pride ourselves on being super environmentally-conscious, which adds to my workload but it’s totally worth it."

  • Email
    Zero carbon footprint.

    "Getting the products to our customers with zero carbon footprint. This is how successful business will thrive in the future."