Shipping that’s good for the world

Sendle is the sustainable shipper specifically designed for small business. As the first 100% carbon neutral nation-wide shipping service in Australia, Canada, and the US, we work hard to reduce shipping’s harm on the planet. We also think that anyone, anywhere should have the opportunity and tools to build their dream business.

At Sendle, we work to minimise negative externalities and maximise positive impact. Simply, our goal is to do what is best for people and the planet.

~ James Chin Moody, co-Founder and CEO of Sendle

Our Impact Pillars


Environmental impact

As the first carbon neutral shipping service, Sendle is leading the way on sustainability in logistics. We are Climate Neutral certified and committed to going beyond that to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

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Small biz, big impact

By making it simple and affordable to ship, no matter the size of your company, Sendle helps level the playing field for small business. We’re proud to help thousands of Sendlers build their dream business.

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Transforming shipping

To do what’s best for people and the planet, we need to change how shipping works beyond the routes and customers we serve. As a Certified B Corp, Sendle and our partners are leading that change.

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Proud to be Australia's first 100% carbon neutral shipper

Each year 1 billion parcels are sent across Australia alone. And, each one of those parcels has an impact on the environment. In addition to a heap of packaging waste, pounds of CO₂ are emitted into the atmosphere with every delivery. It’s a huge problem. 

By shipping with Sendle, you're part of the solution. Every time you send a parcel, we offset the carbon emissions and invest in remarkable environmental projects.

Shoppers are looking for more sustainable products and services, but many of them don’t yet know that carbon neutral shipping is an option. Incorporate this carbon neutral delivery seal and carbon neutral delivery seal into your website, checkout page, or packaging slip to give your customers one more reason to feel good about purchasing from you. 

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How does it work?

We account for the CO₂ released for every parcel sent with Sendle. After calculating the carbon footprint, we invest in high-quality projects that prevent the release of carbon or remove it from the atmosphere, often conserving and restoring vital ecosystems. We guarantee that all deliveries from Sendle customers are 100% carbon neutral.

Does this cost me anything?

Nope! Being sustainable shouldn’t cost more. In fact, with Sendle you can actually save money by being green. How cool is that?

Can I choose what projects my business supports?

Absolutely! Each year we ask Sendlers to select a project for us to invest in on their behalf.

Are you going beyond carbon offsetting?

Yes! Before offsetting comes reductions to prevent the release of CO₂ (and air pollutants) in the first place. Sendle’s network prevents emissions by filling the unused capacity in trucks already on the road and we work to lower our carbon intensity every year. We are a Climate Neutral Certified company, and committed to reducing even more to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

Environmental impact

Every single delivery makes a difference by saving carbon capturing forests and all the little creatures that call them home.
Environmental impact

54.9 billion kms

This is how far our parcels have traveled since Sendle has started. And, every single kilometer has been 100% carbon neutral.


From Earth to Interstellar space

Sendle has offset 54.9 billion kilometers of carbon. That's 50.89 light hours, or the equivalent to driving a 1 tonne truck deeper into space than the Voyager probe!


106 million trees

In tree terms, the Sendle community’s parcel deliveries have offset the equivalent of the carbon sequestered by this number of tree seedlings in a year.

Climate Neutral

Sendle is proudly a Climate Neutral Certified company. In addition to shipping 100% carbon neutral since day one, we now extend that commitment to everything we do across our operations.

While we’re proud to be carbon-neutral, we’re committed to also reducing our carbon intensity each year until we reach net zero emission by 2040.

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Small business, big impact

Shipping shouldn’t stand in the way of building your business. Sendle’s rates and service are designed to help anyone, anywhere build their dream business.
Economic impact

$148 million

This is how much has been saved by being green and shipping with Sendle.


70% of SMBs

sell locally made products
Most small businesses using Sendle sell locally made products.


$2.7 billion

dollars of SMB eCommerce
facilitated by Sendle - we’re here to help your business thrive so you can save time and gain access to the world.



of Sendlers are side hustlers
or the sole operators of their business. Here’s to the little guys Sendle helps compete with the big guys!



of Sendle SMBs
have seen higher than usual demand for their locally made products during the pandemic.



of Sendle SMBs
are selling products that are 75% or more made from ethical or sustainable materials.

How small businesses can reduce the harm of shipping

Learn about the true environmental cost of eCommerce shipping, and steps we can take to reduce our impact.


Sendle numbers updated as of 01/18/2024

Transforming shipping:
Sendle is a Certified B Corporation

Yep! And we’re super proud of being part of a community of over 8,000 businesses making a difference. Just as we’re committed to doing right by the planet, we’re also committed to helping out our other stakeholders—our customers, our community, our workers, and society at large.

We’ve been a Certified B Corp since 2014. The B Corp ethos has informed our every decision from day one and it’s an integral part of how we do business today.

B Corp Sendle

What is a B Corp?

A B Corp is a company that verifiably meets the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. To become certified, each company takes an assessment that measures their performance across five key areas—Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.

The process is rigorous, but it’s worth it. It helps us clarify our vision of the company we should be and it shows our customers exactly what we’re all about.

By weaving the B Corp ethos into the structure of our business, we’re able to make good business a natural part of our operations.

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Our projects

Learn more about the environmental projects supported by Sendle and the community of Sendlers.

Tasmanian Forest


The Tasmanian Forest project stops logging and land degradation, preventing stored carbon from being released, protecting this vibrant forest with species found nowhere else, and expanding ecotourism and employment opportunities to local communities. This project’s protected area covers the habitats of several endangered species, including the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle, the Eastern Quoll, the Ptunarra Brown Butterfly, and the Tasmanian devil.

Teak Mexico


The Teak Mexico project prevents the loss of wildlife habitation from extensive farming and logging while aiming to restore the land and create stable job opportunities in Tabasco, Chiapas, and Campeche, Mexico. The project is heading forest management and creating a supply chain of highly valued teak wood, helping to mitigate global warming, improve soil quality and water conservation, and add biodiversity.

Alto Huayabamba


The Alto Huayabamba project conserves the tropical forests and lowlands of the Andes that teem with irreplaceable wildlife, by employing the local community, implementing sustainable initiatives, and reducing emissions associated with deforestation and land degradation. The protected area is home to many threatened animal species, like the yellow-tailed woolly monkey and species that thrive in the Huayabamba River.

Mount Sandy


The Mount Sandy protects a rare pocket of wetlands and woodlands full of native vegetation from land degradation by farmlands and employs community members of the region’s Traditional Owners, the Ngarrindjeri. The Ngarrindjeri people have cared for Coorong country for thousands of years, relying on the land to serve as their home and strategic habitats for native wildlife, such as the Short-Beaked Echidna, Purple-Gaped Honeyeater, and Elegant Parrot.

Keweenaw Bay

United States

The Keweenaw Bay project is a community-based approach that improves forest management of the Lake Superior Chippewa area, which holds significant importance and land use to Tribal Nations whose livelihoods are threatened by climate change. This project covers 12,500 acres of tribal forestland and enables tribes to develop renewable energy projects and social programs for community members.