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Small businesses work fast. Now, you can send even faster. Get cheaper, quicker 3-Day shipping with Sendle.

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No subscriptions or contracts – only pay for what you ship        No hidden fees        100% carbon neutral delivery

It takes less than 3 minutes

And just 3 simple steps.

Go to your Sendle Dashboard and fill out the details of your package and destination.


Select Sendle 3-Day Guaranteed.


Place your package at your doorstep for pickup. Easy, right?

Your package delivery period of 3 business days (or less!) begins at the first pickup or drop off scan.

Our 3-Day Guarantee

We've got you covered, through and through.

How does the Sendle 3-Day Guarantee work?

If your package isn't delivered within 3 business days from the first pickup or drop off scan, we will refund you the delivery cost of the package. No questions asked.

Does the Sendle 3-Day Guarantee include free Sendle Cover?

Yup! You still get free Sendle Cover for packages you book under Sendle's 3-Day Guaranteed service. One less thing to worry about, and more peace of mind.


And as always, the Sendle benefits you love


Free pickups, easy drop offs

Convenient drop off locations, and free pickup from your door.

Amazing customer support

Powered by real people on hand 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, and always happy to help.

100% carbon neutral delivery

Every time you ship with us, the carbon emissions caused by the delivery are offset.