Will my package make it for the holidays?

The silly season is upon us, and we’ve got your shipping covered! Plan early and know your cutoff date, so whether you’re shipping hand-painted dreidels for Hanukkah (Dec 18 - Dec 26), car antlers for Christmas (Dec 25), or homemade gifts for Kwanzaa (Dec 26-Jan 1), your goodies will get there on time. 

To get your packages delivered before Dec 25th, make sure you book them for pickup on or before the cutoff date.

Domestic cutoff date for Christmas 2022

Last pickup date: Friday 16 December

That’s right. And it doesn’t stop until every present is wrapped with love, and unwrapped with careless abandon. 

To be certain your packages get delivered on time, we recommend sending them on or before December 16th.*

Get shareable cutoff date

* Shipping times may vary. Please visit your Sendle Dashboard for accurate transit times by destination.

US Domestic-Cutoff date 2022

Top tips for peak season shipping

sendle-christmas-holiday-cutoff-2022-bullet Broadcast your cutoff date early & often
sendle-christmas-holiday-cutoff-2022-bullet Pre-pack your top selling items
sendle-christmas-holiday-cutoff-2022-bullet Get more sales with free shipping promotions
sendle-christmas-holiday-cutoff-2022-bullet Offer a friendly (and easy to find!) return policy
sendle-christmas-holiday-cutoff-2022-bullet Book pickups from your door

More tips

Helpful bits and bobs

Sendle is here to help small businesses. In that spirit, here are some little bonuses we’ve provided to help keep you on it this holiday season.

  • Countdown timer: Look out for our countdown timer in your Sendle Dashboard as the date gets closer. It will tell you exactly how many days you have to get packages on their way. 
  • Printable holiday schedule: Here’s a handy print-out of the Sendle holiday schedules. Magnet it to your fridge, staple it to your desk, sharpie it on your arm!
  • Updates along the way: Keep an eye on your inbox, if there are any changes, we’ll be sending them through!
  • Friendly reminder: If you’ve scheduled a shipment after the recommended date, we’ll let you know. That way you can keep your customers in the loop and avoid disappointment.

Help and Support hours

We are here to help small businesses, both through the slow times and the busy ones. The lead up to the holidays is hectic and our support team will be prepared to untangle things for you. See below for when we’re up, when we’re down, and when we’ll be staying warm with the family.

Support operating hours

24 hours | Monday to Friday

Sendle is closed

24 December | Saturday
25 December | Sunday
26 December | Monday
31 December | Saturday
01 January | Sunday

Why ship when you can Sendle this holiday?

We tap into big business delivery networks and make them available to everyone. It's convenient, affordable, and fully carbon offset. With Sendle, you'll also get these great features…


Easy drop-offs, free pickups

Drop your holiday packages off at a nearby drop-off spot or request a pickup for free. Right from your door.


Powerful tools

Everything you need in one place—book in seconds, manage deliveries, and keep customers in the loop this holiday season.


Amazing support

Easy access to detailed advice and support, powered by real people who are always happy to help. Think of them as your delivery elves.