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This tool can only quote on routes within Canada – if you’re sending over the border, check out prices for shipping to the US.

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Our instant shipping calculator is the quickest way to compare domestic prices. Enter your pickup postal code, and another search bar will pop up for the delivery location. It’ll then show the shipping rates for parcels on your route, as well as give you an idea on estimated delivery times. 

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Quote, book and track your parcels on any device, from your Sendle Dashboard.

Once you sign up to Sendle, you can also grab a quote from your dashboard with all the specifications you need.

Get ready to ship

Now that you’ve got your shipping calculator quote, it’s time to prepare for shipment day! Here are a few simple steps to make sure you’ll experience seamless parcel collection:

  1. Ensure that your parcels are well packed, so they arrive intact. Checkout our awesome packaging guidelines for the complete rundown.
  2. Print a clear and smudge-free barcode on your label (these have to be printed, and should not be hand-written!). 

If your parcels are booked for pickup, have them ready for your pickup driver. They’ll appreciate your dutifulness. You can also check the status of your parcels any time with our tracking tool.


Shipping for small businesses

Using Sendle to ship sustainably for your business? Get in touch with Sendle's Support team to understand how your business can benefit from Sendle's award-winning delivery service.

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