Sendle parcel size guide

A delightful breakdown of our six parcel sizes & how to ship better with them.


With just six parcel sizes to choose from, Sendle is a simple choice for parcel delivery. The sizes are bound by both volume and weight, so if you’re new to shipping, we recommend measuring the parcel before sending.

Plus, box volume can be difficult to visualise. Which is why we created this guide, as well as the handy quote calculator in your dashboard (seen below).


The Sendle Dashboard is your quick and easy tool to find out which package size suits your item best!

You want to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for buck out of each volume break. What follows is a simple and fun handbook for all of our parcel sizes.

We can’t transport shipments which are only packaged in the following:

  • Plastic bags
  • Bubblewrap
  • Anything else transparent!
  • Fragile stickers instead of actual packaging materials

1. Satchel 500g/10L

This one is enough for your small stuff. The size of an A4 sheet, you can fill it with up to 500 grams of fun (or boring) stuff.

Things to ship under Satchel:

  • Gaming headphones
  • Coffee beans
  • Three scarves 
  • One external hard drive
  • One soccer ball

2. Handbag 1kg/15L

Now, when what you’re sending is just a little heftier and more voluminous, you level up to the handbag. Enough space to throw in the essentials for a night on the town but maybe not great for a weekend away.

With a capacity of up to 1kg and 15L, this handbag can convey a decent quantity of merchandise, assuming you aren’t slinging bespoke shipping anchors.

Things to ship under Handbag:

  • Electric kettle
  • Two pairs of trousers
  • Three hard bound books
  • A pair of hiking boots
  • A tub of protein powder

Just stick them in a little box (or mailing bag) and ship them out.

To get you started, we’ve included some of the more common boxes that are perfect handbag material. The highlighted ones come in with the volume closest to the max for this size.


3. Shoebox 3kg/20L

The shoebox is as apt a description as we could come up with here. Luckily, you are encouraged to send all types of things, not just those that encase your tootsies. With a ceiling of 3kg and 20L, we’re certain you can find a whole bunch of non-shoe things to ship.

Things to ship under Shoebox:

  • Weighted blanket
  • Mini vacuum cleaner
  • Two 1.5kg dumbbells
  • Vinyl record player
  • Camera tripod

Below is a selection of the more common shoebox dimensions out there. The boxes that size out the closest to the max volume for this package are highlighted.

Shoebox size packaging dimensions

4. Briefcase 5kg/25L

While the name may sound a little stuffy, there’s no need to stuff this parcel with business documents or paper clips. While the sky isn’t the limit here, you can fill this one up with a fair amount of fine things. To be clear, the limit is up to 5kg and 25L.

Now, don’t go out, buy a briefcase, fill it with fun things, and slap a label on it. We’d recommend just using a box of a similar size (a few of which you will see below).

Things to ship under Briefcase:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Three bottles of soda
  • A small guitar amplifier
  • Faux fur coat
  • An airfryer

Find a few fine boxes to use for any of these examples and more.

Briefcase size packaging dimensions

5. Carry-on 10kg/50L

The go-to size for all those travellers who have no time for baggage claim but still need to keep a small wardrobe with them.

When packing up a fair amount of stuff, know you can shove up to 10kg into a 50L box and call it a carry-on.

Walk right past the baggage carousel.

Just don't actually send it in a carry-on bag. A box will work best.

Things to ship under Carry-on:

  • Baby stroller
  • Espresso coffee machine
  • Large pet carrier
  • Training bicycle
  • Coffee table 

Again, to get as close to the max as possible, you’ll want to look at the highlighted boxes below.

Carry-on size packaging dimensions

6. Check-in 20kg/100L

Now, we’ve all exceeded our carry-on capacity and had to opt for checking bags and waiting for the belt to convey our dear luggage. That’s OK. In the context of Sendle, it just means you’ve landed upon our largest size.

The upper limits of this box are a rather massive 20kg and 100L.

Remember, send your stuff in boxes. Actual luggage will not be accepted.

Things to ship under Check-in:

  • A pair of studio monitors
  • A gaming PC
  • Five electric guitars
  • Two office chairs
  • Baby crib

Below, you will find some standard box sizes that will fit the bill.

Check-in size packaging dimensions


With this information close at hand, you can easily click the right parcel size each time without wondering if it will work out.

Or, you can always use the handy sizing calculator in your dashboard. Just enter your dimensions and weight and it'll slot you into the right parcel size.

Happy packing!