Sendle Responsible Delivery

We know that some small businesses need us to support the responsible shipment of goods, ranging from alcohol to (ahem) adult products. That’s where the Sendle Responsible Delivery service comes in.


Sendle’s network has the ability to deliver products responsibly and in accordance with local rules and regulations. And all deliveries come with Sendle’s great low rates and the features you need for your small business, from end-to-end tracking to customer support.

If you would like to use this service for your customers, please get in touch with our sales team.

Package delivery for small businesses, but better

We tap into big business delivery networks and make them available to everyone. It's convenient, affordable, and fully carbon neutral. With Sendle, you'll also get these great features…


Free pickup, easy dropoff

You choose! Schedule a time for us to pickup, drop your package at the post office, or in a blue collection box.


100% carbon neutral

At no extra cost, every package you send is 100% carbon neutral. It's an added bonus that you and your customers can feel good about.


Amazing support

Get easy access to detailed advice and support, powered by real people who are always happy to help.

Simple dashboard, powerful integrations

Quote, book, and track packages on any device, from your Sendle dashboard or eCommerce platform.

Sendle Dashboard

Customer testimonials

Thousands of small businesses are using Sendle, and loving it.

"Our customers (and Mother Nature) love the fact that the emissions from their deliveries are carbon offset by Sendle."
"One of my absolute favorite things about using Sendle is the ability to simply leave my packages at the front door. Sendle makes running a small business so much easier."
"I don’t have to wait in line. I just print out my label, put it on there, and go about my business. And the shipping is cheaper. It’s reliable. Sendle is awesome."


Get a free quote in under 30 seconds for any package from your Sendle Dashboard. Simply sign up for a free Sendle account and enter your pickup and delivery info, and the package size and weight.
We're not an express or overnight service, but most Sendle Preferred packages get to where they are going in 1-5 days. Pretty speedy!
Pickup is free for all Sendlers – in fact, it may make your shipping cheaper! Just request a pickup from your dashboard. Otherwise, simply drop off your packages at a nearby drop-off spot.
Sendle is designed to make shipping a breeze. However, there are some items you can't book with Sendle, such as dangerous goods, or anything over 20lb or 864 cubic inches.