*Only available for eBay sellers participating in the eBay Delivery Guarantee program. The Guarantee: If the parcel is not delivered in two business days from the date of pickup scan, we will credit the delivery cost of the parcel. The parcel must also be delivered within our Eligible Zone ListConditions Apply.
Sendle Delivery Guarantee

What is the Sendle Delivery Guarantee?

 If your eBay parcel is not delivered in two business days from the pickup scan, we will refund the delivery cost of the parcel. We will credit the cost of the delivery to your account (but still attempt to pickup and deliver the parcel for you). Conditions apply.

Sell more

Sell more

Delight your buyers and sell more by shipping with our two day Delivery Guarantee.

No extra cost

No extra cost

Nada, zero, zilch, there are no additional costs to sign up and use the guarantee.

We pay if we delay

We pay if we delay

We will credit the shipping cost if your buyer receives the package late and claims it back from you.

Am I eligible

Am I eligible?

We are always improving our services and expanding our network. For now, the guarantee is available for these zones.

Switch to Sendle and save.

Take the guess work out of delivery costs, with Sendle's low flat prices.

Sendle Premium

Designed for small business

Parcel Size
Same city
Satchel $6.75
Shoebox $8.95 $10.95
Briefcase $14.95
Carry-on $19.95
Check-in $26.95
International delivery from $16.95!

Sendle Pro

Ideal for established business

Parcel Size
Same city
Satchel $5.75 $6.14
Shoebox $8.94
Briefcase $13.20
Carry-on $17.13
Check-in $24.02
International delivery from $14.95!
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What is covered under the Delivery Guarantee?

Sendle will guarantee that if the parcel is not delivered within two business days after the date of pickup scan, we will credit the delivery cost of the parcel.

For example, if the parcel is scanned as picked up on Monday, the guarantee will not apply if the parcel is delivered on Wednesday (2 days after pickup), but will apply if the parcel is delivered on Thursday (3 days after pickup).


How can I sign up for Sendle’s 2-Day Delivery Guarantee (2DDG) Program?

In order to enrol for the program, you will need to have a Sendle account. Once you’ve signed up you can register for the program in three easy steps:

  1. Sign-in to your Sendle account
  2. Visit the ‘Sendle’s 2-Day Delivery Guarantee’ Program page
  3. Agree to the Term & Conditions of the program

Note that you must also be enrolled in the eBay Guaranteed Delivery Program in order to claim the guarantee on your parcels.


Will Sendle Charge any additional fee for this program?

No, the 2-Day Delivery Guarantee is free of charge for qualified eBay merchants.


Is there a limit to the claim amount?

The claim amount is limited to the shipping fee that you paid to Sendle.


How is the Sendle Delivery Guarantee different from parcel insurance?

Parcel insurance typically covers the content of the parcel in case of damage/theft/loss in transit. The Delivery Guarantee credits the shipping cost (courier fee) to seller after they have credited the buyer in case the courier delays the parcel delivery beyond the guaranteed time frame.


Is the Delivery Guarantee program available when I sell internationally? 

No, not yet, this program is only available for domestic Australian parcels from and to certain postcodes. You can review this list of postcodes here.

What if there was no pick-up or delivery scan?

In such a case when a pick-up or delivery scan is missing, Sendle will conduct an investigation to confirm the pick-up and delivery date. Sendle may contact the receiver of the parcel to verify the delivery date.


Which postcodes are eligible under the Delivery Guarantee?

Australia is a big place so we can’t offer this awesome guarantee everywhere but we do have a big chunk of Australia covered already. List of eligible FROM - TO zones currently covered by guaranteed delivery.


What can I send with Sendle under the Delivery Guarantee?

For a registered Merchant, all eligible parcels that meet Sendle’s shipping criteria will be covered by the Delivery Guarantee. Sendle sends parcels nationwide from 500g up to 25kg. Here are Sendle’s Size and Weight Guidelines.

There are some dangerous items that we can’t send for you. Check out the list of no-can-do items here: List of prohibited items on Sendle.


How does the claims process work?

The claim process for the 2-Day Delivery Guarantee works like this:

  • eBay will let you know if you have refunded or credited your buyer as part of the eBay Guaranteed Delivery Program.
  • Forward this information by submitting a request here within 30 business days of receiving it, along with the parcel reference.
  • Sendle will verify that:
    • You were signed up for the guarantee program.
    • The delivery address and pick-up address are both covered by Sendle’s Delivery Guarantee program
    • The tracking details shows that the parcel was delivered more than 2 days after the recorded pick-up scan

Once verified, we will credit your account with the corresponding order’s shipping fees for future redemption.


When can we expect more areas to be covered by Sendle under the Delivery Guarantee?

Sendle will continue to add more postcodes and regions into the Delivery Guarantee. We will communicate all new post codes as and when they are rolled out.